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Which consist of Doritos and Xena the last time I met a kid when Cody Billy crystal another glory calendar the comedian lost on that bill Kristol was in the green room of fox you want to shake my hand and I looked down at him I said shake your hand you just tweeted out that in the choice between the deep state and Donald Trump I choose the deep state I mean these people are rep repents of their horrible what do they ever concert Dr Michael concert question I mean what they can service I bought from the the the the little a cynic you'll see from the graph on this I was just going to use the term cynical sort of star war calling although why are you with the national workers local companies let alone which are the lots now which is of a mind is a party works college not a lot of people know that I I played my frat name was honored not many people have the will call its national defense university the motor goes on to say this would do is we and all segment with cattle okay follow him a coach like the right now it's only a lot of reading if you do it well you know what the Indians going to do it and on Fridays user guides use me you forgot to assign us a reading yeah further we just have to ruin my segment led by mentioning colonel colonel don't call me Mr Sasser to his friends Alexandra Vetements is town hall dot com contributor lawyer army colonel retired kindly and friendly I don't know what that means what is says on his Twitter he is coach Nick to follow cut with a K. I couldn't call it cut okay you don't want to miss his articles thanks to step into the breach my friends I was about to.

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