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Have returns for you as a all night long until late working night here on eight forty? W. H A S. But Haley has got some numbers for us in the governor's race on the democratic side. Or what do you have in front of you? I don't want to know on the democratic side, rocky Adkins. Who's the house minority floor leader here in Kentucky is leading with thirty seven percent of the vote that actually went down a significant amount. It was like over forty a second ago. Beshir's right behind him with thirty three percent of the vote. Bevin is still leading on the Republican side, but only by like with fifty percent of the vote. Oh, who's the second place person Robert Goforth? He's a state Representative Robert go forth, and what percentage does have over forty percent. Oh my gosh. Are you kidding with about forty percent of precincts reporting who will just came in so okay, I'm not that's a bad sign? And that's what everyone's talking about is even if Bevin wins the Republican primary are the people that voted for Goforth still. Support that end it'd be like, not a chance, I'm going. So that's and then the ones that have actually come in finalized, Heather, French, Henry is the she stepped rushing. Godal crushing. Listen, I'm crossing lines for her. Okay. Now, who is the Representative on, on her, who's she going to go against in the election? Hold on. Let me pull it. I'll be interested to know what percentage turn out there was today because what I went by. It was a ghost stay with my mind. There was one there. They were projecting about twelve and a half percent. But they think it's going lower. Lower than that. Because we both the primary nelin shows up to primaries in Kentucky. Is a huge mine is a huge polling area huge in ariz- about a dozen people that I was at about noon. Then Heather French Henry won with seventy one percent on the Republican side is Michael Adams. They're still tallying votes. He hasn't won but he's leading with forty percent of the vote and second-place, Andrew English only has twenty six percents, she's gonna win, so that's gonna win. She and she's such former Miss America. She's a former veterans affairs. Tirelessly for the veterans fee gets out there herself and has for years. It's not it's not pandering. But she is it wasn't her husband Lieutenant governor. It's one point. Yes. Yes. Okay. So families. Got some. His name was. Steven french. No, that's that's true. So no. So they at least the families got some some experience, right? Exactly. And we kind of figured she was going to be the front runner in the democratic side. So that's the secretary of state race. And the other finalized agriculture Commissioner. Ryan quarrels has won the Republican primary. Okay. So eighty percent of the vote, I did not know who to vote for their so I just close my eyes and I went back. I don't know that that's smarter. But I still a lot of people do know agricultural guide, does I, I wanna vote, but they're not here. Here's what's weird about the, the agricultural Commissioner or whatever. Yeah. He's on every single gas pump. Yes. And then here's something else. All the rides like the fair. Yeah. They're inspected by the Agra. I'm like qualifies the agricultural, his carnival ride, I guess about two state auditor, state auditor, let me pull that up. We'll Mike Harmon was uncontested on the Republican side. He's the incumbent but on the democratic side. Sherry Donahue is currently leading with forty five and a half percent. What about class treasurer? That is class. Treasure. Well, that was auditor auditor, I'm so I'm honored. So that's the guy I voted for, I guess, is getting killed. Did you Toby, Chris Chris has nineteen percent nineteen percent? That's not bad. Third place. Three but yeah, so second place in that is came. I voted for. But in a way in a way aren't all the candidate winners? No, they all get a participation trophy. This year. The budget. But in a way, I haven't we all one. I really don't think we have. No, we haven't won. So in the election is a year way. So we're. Remember? Like a half a year. Oh my God. Barreling towards his all right. So you guys doing some updates here every thirty minutes on the twenty in on the fifty you going to join us tomorrow, filling in for Terry. Sure. What time you want? Well, we're on from three job here. Right. Right. Oh, you got one. You're just not very good at it. And that's why they're like push Haley. This. News. Are you gonna make Patrick dress up like a special forces got tonight so I can keep my hands. He went amazed. Defend. There is no defense. He looks a lot like Pat. Seven-foot.

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