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Thirty three Terry Catlin's wanted fifty thousand dollars. Said now I'll come up with my own new number. yampa shacks draft night picture. They actually took a picture of him with a thirty three Orlando Magic Jersey that made an cards, and so he was going to be thirty, three, thirty, three ready for them, but then the the big cats had no. Scott skylines had thirty assists in a game against. The magic scored one hundred fifty five points against the nuggets one fifty five to one sixteen. Wow! They had four three pointers imagine having one hundred and fifty five points and four three pointers. I don't know if there's ever been a disparity between the number of points scored, and the number of threes made than that four three pointers so twelve of your one hundred fifty five points. We're on three pointers here. This sports history Paulie other than what I just brought up here. Yeah, got a bunch I'm running out nineteen twenty two. The American Professional Football Association the. FAA took the name of the National Football League. Commissioner was still that announcers be saying. NFL eight yet all AP FA. Ninety, seventy one national basketball. Association modified the for Ya eligibility rule to allow for hardship cases nineteen seventy-one. This is a good one. Nine, two thousand ten John Essner defeated Nicolas Mahut after eleven hours and one hundred eight three games. We Watch that live studio. It was crazy. That's it. A very balanced barry bonds five hundred homers, five hundred soul basis, not that day collectively, okay. That would be a record or something wild nightmare out now. mclovin final results of the poll question. Do you like having a runner on second base to start extra innings? Sixty four percent say no. We were just police said you know everybody here in the room. Is married so it five marriages. No remarriages five marriages, and then we immediately said. I would not get remarried. I wouldn't get married again hypothetically, of course. Apple, every single dude who's got married a second time has said I'm never getting married again. Every single one I checked Dennis. Quaid just got married and his wife is twenty-seven. Awesome I think he might be my age and his wife is twenty-seven. He just got divorced again in twenty eighteen. He's sixty six. Oh, he's older than me. Looking good though yeah. Well, he's probably had some help. Oh, accusation, and I know when I. Do you have a second source on that day Oh, no I do. Yeah I wouldn't get remarried. Would anybody get remarried hypothetically, todd? and. Get remarried, but I was wondering if like polygamy was legal. We you take a second. Wife joined someone no. No. No if it was legal I'd be more likely to keep the that haven't had a second one as opposed to. Getting someone else instead because I'm very happy with what I have. If anything, I would just add to their places. You can move to. If you want to do that. It is true there are some pockets that have the mountain time zone. What I've read I dunno hypothetic, hypothetically, no! Onto the Plus. Dennis Quaid is sixty six, and she's twenty seven..

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