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All right everybody weapon to the queens supreme court after show bitch lower levin color at the bob'll share till tonight's guests was darren fleet honey all the way from baltimore mayor baltimore came from baltimore i'm originally from virginia grew up in north carolina and undergoing bold away baltimore maryland on a more i don't have some times dan baltimore's do had a crack of course or two are you recording is girl holy moly did you came out there with a hoagie a whole with a foot long lizard i'll do if the foot long nancy we were so loudly so many things happening that i'm glad that you've got to see you know we had a fun show was fun but it was just a lot of stuff it kept cutting off his stuff because i was trying to stream the instagram they just kept cutting off or whatever we finally got it up we would oughta did the show it was so many funny things that i really wished that we could've just through all the technical difficulties i feel like the fight when you keep moving so it ain't about what happened i mean anytime you told me anytime you want something loud it's not gonna always want smooth because we don't bother me no more this shit may bothersome other folks for desktop shitting on bother me they don't bother me need production.

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