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Defense and say well we have seven guys that we like that we can carry forward we have so six guys on this side we can carry on a defense asylum a sign of is a lots of a lot of positives their diets hasn't been bad at all this year's the offense a side of things in all start if mitch trubisky can turn into a legitimate starting quarterback they have next to nothing at the receiver position that'll change this offseason i'm sure a hearty talking about s upcoming offseason but it's not as obviously something they have to address so as to answer your question david it's a it's a lack of talent right now they just don't have a ton of it certainly here is the bulls training camp roster real quick these guys i don't know who half of them are keep in mind sam sort of our residents sports guy i am the cholera asking asked about resident basketball and there were two guys it pulls media day for the last couple of years it's derek rose jimmy butler pa sallah joking noah taj gibson personalities guys you know there were two guys walking around the dan advocate center without a number and without a name on the jersey how does this happen how are you so relevant it's you don't have names and numbers on your people's jersey has you going to the if the if the summer lineup if all of those guys walked into the studio right this second how many of them could you identify by and put a name on the bulls put a tweet out on media with pictures of six players david i knew two of them are give me some names diamonds stone narain antonio blakeney there are david and wabuba that's a fake name ryan archie the aca know who i know because he played at villanova quincy pond dexter king i know that name jaylen johnson note joe rail eddie i don't know i don't know who they are i have no idea who these people are this team is so sad and so pathetic they because he names from last season are are are coming back bobby portis jerian grant christiano fully ceo paul zipser cameron payne robin lopez denzel valentine so seven geiszer back how many can play two our let's look ahead who is.

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