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But i do the way you start your phone and then finally buddy instant student my last here. This is a new one inch on the king of the taj mahal piano solo. Email is a real sore point for me because he does drugs under the and the problem with that solo was we were all taking. This is a live concert that fillmore east. We all thinking long long solos ten twelve minutes solos and my solo started off really soft and really logical and really sensible and finally built to the last two minutes or so when i had lost my mind and it was just crazy crazy crazy. Frantic high energy. Will dave rubinsohn. Once my colleague at columbia records that taj mahals producer decided that he would not use the i ten minutes. Just use the last two minutes so it's off and one hundred percent it goes from there and there's no zero to one hundred so it makes no logic at all. No wonder dodgers john. Simon because it's been twelve minutes but people are all that wonderful solo but is a better time better touch my healthcare and also on a song called stealing that i did really john if by any chance. The original mix on additive mix of vast exist. Why not get released as probably receive of that album. I'd love to the whole world released. Here's another relief. Story steve forbes art. You may know steve forbes. I got a call from steve floorboards manager. Who also happen to be the manager of the first record by producing the red room above the circle that manager net net lice was a manager. Steve forber and he said you know. Steve contract year was epic columbia records. And this producer. I'm not gonna mention. His name is not a courtesy he just got an offer to produce barbra streisand instead. And he's a short me that is. Commitment is the steve. But just in case you available. I said sure. I'd never heard steve sharp. Then i got the call the next day the mid management. I'm a man of my word is. I'm a man of my word so this producer. And so the next day man of his word not to be a man of his word and he went with barbara streisand. And so this guy called me up and said would you produce so steve said i want to do the recording with no spices. No overdubbed no. I was so happy to hear that. Because i love that of honesty in recording. So there we were at a studio in nashville with steve playing ca-car and his monica and singing electric guitar lessons piano player oregon player also blake according to a times a drummer an electric bass player three horns. Three vocalists live in studio fabulous. The engineer jean michel berger did a beautiful job. A beautiful job with it and we went remixed it and he did. A beautiful. Mix was fabulous. So i meet stephen new york city. The master human. Steve comes in with the newest rolling stones album. I don't remember which one it was. But he puts it in the turbulences out into sound like this unsaid. steve That album is wonderful. It is as it is was done. Incrementally the most far instrument by instrument and then squashed with limiter the computer so that everything would be in your face at all times and up at maximum volume. And you wouldn't have the transparency that we worked so hard to get in nashville where you can really feel you. You're in the studio musicians. He said i don't care. I want the those out. So that's the thing that was was released. I took for his credit. Always says he thinks too much you say guests is up too much so i have that original tape. I have and i've been talking over the years. They can't be released release. Can your. there's would love this. Got to remember In the top. He's he has the original in some vault somewhere in the depths of new jersey. Something that's question a quick question. Yes i when. I was listening to the weight on headphones last night. And it has such a monumental majestic sound especially the drums. But but everything great. It's just five instruments insanely right. That has a presence and half the touchy on the tape. The most records from nineteen sixty seven. Don't they just don't sound like it. So what was so great about an all studio to well. I was the engineer on the sure there was. Roy succumb scholley acas. Maybe you're staffing. Johnny us might. Yeah now you know. I am not an engineer. Producers can be engineers are friends wives manages. I am not an engineer. An arranger as a musical region. So i really can you know people ask me what microphone did use this. I don't know who is silver. There's something about the arrangement of that song that will allow things to stand separate together at the same time. It's also leon's voice. Leave voice had to i love that word and also was only only with acoustic guitar rather than again. So that may have something to do with it. When you talking about the mix you're talking about the original dictate. Mix right not the not the remix of several years ago. Not the original but you you have an issue with the more recent mix secretary i call on the unmixed because we assume we worked so hard to mix that thing just to our own personal taste. Sometimes it would be hands on the failures. Pre computer computerization before favors moved by themselves by magic god-like. Hey and these were hands on the thing so the next unmixed loses the beautiful balance between the three voices and features drums to a great degree and disregards the horns pretty much and so i don't know what what the motivation was for that except to sell the same room to us again.

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