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Does that saying? Well, if you've got six Republicans that crossed over on that particular Bill to the democratic side, it means that there's some cracking. It means that you have Republicans, and it's beyond some of the flimsy, wishy washy ones that we know of it appears that there is some cracking that there's some buckling. And that there is not full backing within Trump's own Republican party. So what that means is that that particular Bill got more votes than than President Trump's Bill. So I just don't see any damn end in sight here. Oh speaking, and I'm going to try to get I'm putting some feelers out to some of my pilot pals because if you're just tuning in we talked about the joint letter from the pilot's union, the air traffic controllers union the flight attendants union, the joint statement that they're concerned about security and safety in the skies with the shutdown and I had asked the question Ellison. I think it's very valid. But is there any melodrama here? And the real indication would be if the skies are not safe with the shutdown. The TSA officers not getting paid air traffic controllers not getting paid. And we don't want air traffic controllers any more stress than the inherent stress that the job provides organically. I think we're all in agreement there. I asked the question last hour have any pilots said, hey, we're not flying these planes because we don't think it's safe to fly. I haven't seen that happen yet. And it seems to me that would be a much bigger statement. Then an actual formal statement being put out as a press release. If pilots starts saying, it's not safe. We don't feel comfortable for our lives and the lives of the souls that were responsible for on these planes that hasn't happened yet. I think that would be a real turning point and an indication, and I want I'm reaching out to some of my pilot pals commercial pilot Powell's via text to see if any are available now they could come on the show. And let me float that scenario by them. Do they feel safe? And is there concern short-term remedial term that or right now that safety is truly in jeopardy here? Eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine the nationwide number here on Schnitt. That's what gets you on the program. Eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine as far as economic damage to the airlines I saw a story in USA today. Earlier today that Southwest Airlines is saying that their new Hawaii flights might be delayed for months because of the shutdown. I just I saw the headline I printed the story. It says that Southwest Airlines long-awaited flights to Hawaii are likely to be delayed for months due to the government shutdown executives said today Thursday, it is the first time the airline is put a timetable on the impact of the shutdown southwest CEO or make that c o Mike van. Van the van V A N D V E N, Mike van Devon. Said the airline has a reasonable chance of beginning service by the end of March if the shutdown ends within a week, otherwise it will actually be in the second quarter. And of course, that's April may and June. And they hope to begin the flights early this year, but the shutdown put its efforts to obtain FAA administration certification for the long over water flights on their seven thirty seven extended aircraft put that on hold. So that's what's going on with southwest. All right to the phones. Oh, and now we're hearing because of that that south west has lost ch- southwest. Airlines says the shutdown which began December twenty second has cost an estimated ten to fifteen million dollars in lost revenue so far for January. So that's not good again economically. We're starting to hear that the first quarter because of the shutdown could have zero economic growth for the US economy. It's also not good. John is next in Tallahassee Florida, John, you're on Schnitt. Welcome to the program. Thank you. Appreciate it. President Trump blank. No, he didn't make the guys the master jerking. The chain jerk change. Bark. She's claims she hollered and she threatened. Look. That's her house. We have three branches of government. She is in charge of the house. And if she don't want the president of the United States come there speak. She has that authority. So what did he do? He got hurt just to go ahead and take her clothes off and bear south for the entire world that she don't want anything and she'll embarrass him. Anyway that she can. But he pulled that chain long enough long enough. And then he just let it go. Let it go and said, okay. Yes, ma'am. Again, it's fully John. It's open to interpretation on how you view it. Because yesterday, we were and I use the -nology of you know, Trump is a denying Caterpillar bulldozer. Nancy Pelosi is a model denying Caterpillar bulldozer. And in fact, maybe I should upper to the the larger d eleven model, but they're both pushing it each other. And they were both not budging Trump said the state of the union is going gonna happen yesterday afternoon. Nancy Pelosi said, no, it's not and then Trump and eleven o'clock last night tweeted out that okay? Alkyl is not going to happen. So again, I view that as Trump moved trumped swerved from the oncoming headlights of Nancy Pelosi, not the other way around. I I think Trump did blink here. I'm sorry. We're in we're in disagreement. Agree to disagree. And then let's take one step farther. So let's just say one of the things that you're worried about and we're all worried about is that can be a catastrophe happened because of the problems with the with the airlines are possible safety of the airline's. Yup. Look the left and left us never found a tragedy in my lifetime. And I'm almost eight years old. They have never found a tragedy that they couldn't blame on somebody else. Somebody else to blame. It blamed on the other guy, and they have enough people to believe no matter what they say. They're gonna push it and use that tragedy is one and God, we're praying for they don't have one. And they're saying boy if we get one we're gonna blame that on Trump. Well, listen, I mentioned this. And if something does happen, I hope there's not a terrorist attack. You don't listen. We're also hearing regarding the FBI that the FBI that there are investigations that there are we have the FBI agents association. They're also making comments there's a there's a a letter. That's gone out from the FBI agents association that the shutdown is undermining criminal counter terrorism and counter intelligence operations. And again, I've said on this program numerous times, and you heard me say it again today that I sure as hell sure as hell hope that there's no type of a a terrorist incident or any type of a tragedy a catastrophe an accident that can even remotely be blamed on the shutdowns. I said that now for a couple of weeks on this program. And and and, you know, also sues reminding me, my executive producer that they're losing informants right now because we're not able to pay informants. So I mean, there are a lot of little levels, which a lot of folks don't even know which is occurring because of the shutdown. So is this country less safe? I it seems that. Yeah. On multiple levels. It is. So again for weeks. Now, I've been talking about I hope there's no catastrophe or cra- tragedy. We mentioned it again with the air traffic control system, just a short time ago earlier today, and I tweeted out, and I'll give you the exact time. I tweeted out at ten thirty six this morning on the twenty fourth of January twenty nineteen. I tweeted out the longer this government shutdown continues the greater the chances of a catastrophic event of affecting our country. And then I end with who wants that on their watch. Who would get the blame? If there really is something horrific that happens. John, thanks for the call. I appreciate you taking the time to phone in Dallas next on Schnitt. Hello, Dale, you're on headed. Hey, I got a question. Maybe I'm just don't know what I'm talking about. But why is it who picks what part of the government shutdown? I mean, why can't they take Congress's paycheck away from them and give it to the eight hundred thousand people that aren't getting paid because at least they're working. It's a very fair question. We we've talked about this before you know, why is congress? Still getting paid staffers are not getting paid. And there's a there's a simple answer to this. And it's one of these situations that doesn't make complete sense. And certainly it's it's an uneven playing field. So those who are behind this. They still get paid. So members of congress, the president still get paid. But you have, you know, eight hundred thousand plus federal workers that are not getting paid. You know, they're they're they're being sent home. They're furloughed or they're not getting paid. And they're asked to come to work because they're doing essential work. So why is it what what happens here that the the members of the Senate and the house can still get a paycheck and others? Don't and it comes down to the government shutdown only affects certain agencies and employees in the government. That are subject to. Voted upon appropriations that are done annually. So it doesn't affect so it's those that are paid through annual appropriations those are the people that are -ffected because the salaries for senators Dale, the salaries for house of representatives members those are written permanently into federal law. So that's why you have that disparity that paradox that uneven playing field if that makes sense. Well, I mean, it makes sense. But I mean, it's so stupid way to do things. It is I. The people that make the laws that can vote themself raises. They can do, you know, keep themselves from having to take the same insurance that we we have to take. It comes down to it comes down to let me work. The other end of what you're saying in that. If they're making the laws are they going to vote to not get paid during a shutdown? So I think the answer is clear Dale, thanks for the call Linda is next. Let's stay in the state of Florida. Linda's in Tampa. Hello, linda. Hi. Hello. Yes. I just wanted to make a comment on the preface this by I voted for Trump. But I just feel the eight hundred thousand plus people that are furloughed are. It's just seems like Trump and Pelosi thing it's just collateral damage for political war, and they don't count. Listen. Own the shutdown. He did. The Democrats as well one hundred percent. And I I don't know how Trump then disowns that. But you're right. The president did say that I will what did he say what was the exact quote, then I'll take the mantle shut down the aisle on the shutdown all take the mantle for the shot too. I remember I saw the I saw the audio. He was sitting with Pelosi and Schumer inside the Oval Office. And that video was all over the network news. We played the audio hearing your hundred percent, right. And then, you know, Trump has tried to walk that back and then try to blame the Democrats here. But I get he took ownership. And but a lot of, you know, Trump train folks will they'll they'll just agree and and and bobblehead their head and agree with anything that he says, even when he clearly absolutely says something one day, and then changes it the next day, and those are some of the areas where I disagree with Trump. And I think that this is owned by him. And the fact that he said that he will own it. I you can't just flip that thing off like a light switch. But unfortunately, there are a lot of Trump's supporters that think that you can just flip.

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