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You have NPR news and key Q B D news Next at 6 30. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly, the White House's shifting discussions on an infrastructure bill to a bipartisan group of 10 senators. This. After President Biden ended discussions with the Senate's lead Republican negotiator, Shelley Moore, capital of West Virginia, The two were unable to close the gap on the price tag. Republican Congressman Carlos Jimenez of Florida chairs the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. The problem was vitamin immigration started out with $2.3 trillion for this package. Some of the stuff in it was has nothing to do with infrastructure. In negotiations with capital, Biden lowered his proposal to $1.7 trillion Republicans were proposing less than a trillion dollars in spending with much of the money coming from unspent covid 19 relief funds. Transportation Secretary Pete Buddha check says he remains optimistic the president spoken with a number of senators and we think that at the end of the day it's still absolutely possible for there to be a bipartisan deal on this in Washington, Jimenez and Buddha Jazz, We're speaking to NPR's morning edition. President Biden is on his way to Europe. The eight day trip includes a G seven summit in Cornwall, England, and NATO meeting in Brussels and a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland. This is Biden's first overseas trip since taking office. This is NPR News Live from KQED New Some Brian White, the board that oversees the Santa Clara Valley Water District plans today to consider a proposal to impose water restrictions. This comes a day after they held a special meeting to hear public feedback on the district's plans to declare a local emergency and implement a 15% reduction in water use because of dry conditions. Ashley over houses with friends of the river. She spoke in favor of the plan. The urban water Management plan is a really important planning tool, and it will help value water, improve efficiencies and provide information on the record to the public..

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