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And obviously, you never really know if he thought he had the bills for it. Right. Five nine maybe I'm not a pro quarterback. So let me go play baseball because I'm really good at that as well. But he is looked at as one of these elite athletes playing quarterback position not just an athletic quarterback. He's arm is a rifle. He's obviously got a great art play the outfield in baseball as well. So I just think when you look at the landscape of the NFL. Yeah. Absolutely. I can play here. Maybe he needed that Heisman Trophy season to sort of give himself that confidence. But now, it looks like he would have been all in if he'd known that he was capable of playing in the NFL the whole time it dinner you all in with him being the first quarterback taken. That's a tough question. I don't think that I am. But the thing is this you talk to scouts down and mobile senior bowl. They say that his potential in football. He's already closer to the limit of that now that he was for baseball. So for a competition standpoint, I think that's where it gets tough. You're like, yeah. He's. Good. But how much better is he actually going to get Branko Sola? I look at twain Haskins out of Ohio State. So he doesn't have baseball as an option. I would tend to take him. I when you look at that arm and look at the size, and is he mentioned Murray size. I think the NFL has changed a little bit. But there's still a lot of teams a lot of executives and coaches that don't want that quarterback that sixty and under. They think those guys are too small not saying it can't work. But I still think there are more teams that prefer the six to and taller. And what are you seem to think he was going to be the first quarterback taken by Miami or Denver or New York, but you can expound. Well, I think that he will go into top fifteen because that's where those teams are located. But I know I agree with Frank on that I think though, he'll be somebody that wants to reach up and grab him. Maybe somebody we're not talking about because the opportunity upside to be a great great quarterback in the league and the others. Don't. I would lean toward Haskins. They're basically just because of the size. He's a very smart quarterback doesn't really run that much. You can sort of trust him in the market. But in terms of Kyle he's got so many positive attributes you'd probably you can harp on the negative. If you want which is obviously his size. But he's got a lot of great things going for him. So if he's the second quarterback taken don't see a problem with that. We'll move on patriots. You'll take him Cleveland Browns making the other news day in the NFL sunning ream hunt. GM John Dorsey, quote, we did extensive due diligence with many individuals, including clinical professionals to have better understanding of person. He is today, and whether it was prudent asylum to important factors one is that Korean full responsibility. Who is a grievous actions, and showed remorse, and Secondly, just as Burnley he's undergoing and it's commitment necessary professional treatment and a plan has been clearly laid out three months..

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