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This is what they they're lying in right now this is what take upto so this is going to be a drop off it's going to end so they're gonna suck three from now this is going to happen both your lockdown hassam your lock it in walking by sheikh they've been more aggressive the last couple of years we've been saying we've been saying load up on brady succo last forever for about six right really have we're well billy andrade whenever did what they're doing now now obviously they know it's more desperate times but yeah they're setting themselves up four three two three years from now looking around gone how many picture we have on this team any we everybody's a twoyear deal a one year deals been one two year windows even free agents guys they're bringing in talented players draft picks wherever it might be gallic cooks got two years level maybe they'll deal miss you who knows we will bring in sherman for one more year in keep doing that but at some point iraq has got keppy all kp all guys off the street i don't get drafted but i think reagents but i do believe you're from year the conditions changed last year they had sixty five million dollars to play with them what did they do it right out of the gate shortly after midnight they go and sign gilmore they would not do that this year because they don't have that type of money so geared year they're looking at what the conditions are what money they have with draft picks they up and they're trying to make the best decisions to build the best roster i think the conditions of so much different this year than they were last year that's why i said it wouldn't surprise me at all if coach's car if they deal him up mainly because they look at the money and maybe malcolm mitchell is healthy earlier so exactly playing for the now short as if they believe that they need to their offenses is final they scored 33 points room they they never punted in the super bowl game defensively they sucked so if you can get rid of a cooks and malcolm mitchell can give you 85 ninety percent of what cooks gave you last year and now you can replace that eight million dollars with a big defensive player he's gonna make a difference on the defense your belching are.

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