GM, Town Hall, Taliban discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Promising to roll out 30 new battery powered vehicles globally by the end of 2025. GM says the new campaign will highlight it's progressive vision for the future. The company is scrapping its old square blue logo and replacing it with a lower case G M surrounded by rounded corners. GM says it's the biggest changed with logo since 1964. Mm. The logo is underlying to look like an electrical plug. Keith Peters reporting a roadside bomb exploded in Afghanistan's capital, killing at least three people in a vehicle. It's the latest attack to take place. His government negotiations and cutter resume peace talks with the Taliban breaking news and analysis at town hall dot com. More and more airlines are saying no to emotional support animals. United Airlines is the latest United has announced that starting with flights in February, it will no longer accept emotional support animals. It will let train service dogs fly for free in the cabin. But owners of other animals will have to pay a pet fee to put them in the cargo hold or a carrier that fits under a seat. Alaska, American and Delta have announced similar changes. The airline moves come after the Transportation Department allowed them to crack down on the growing number of evil. Emotional support animals on planes. John Scott reporting Bitcoin crossed the $40,000 threshold barely a month after surpassing 20,000, and there's no major change in how Bitcoin can be used. That might explain the demand. But it's been benefiting from its attractiveness as a safe haven investment like gold and other precious metals. Still, experts warn people to be skeptical of the recent rise and to be braced for a lot of volatility. Or in the stories of town hall that calm wcbm Baltimore on area of low pressure will be tracked his way through the northern Gulf of Mexico. Keep the bulk of the presentation away from us as well. Although we are going to see increasing cloud cover for your Monday we're fair to partly cloudy low.

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