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Got austin jackson austin jackson my goodness what has happened what has happened to austin jackson he's not worth the money they're paying him all right while he'd never hit you know wasn't jackson right better and he's hitting now hopefully comes around but i mean a lot of bad deals there okay let's get into the thing i like that the greatest owner right now everybody's riding high we'll kind of tease this and then come back the next segment you guys very enthusiastic i'll let you i'll let you but you can state your case in the other side i on lake if you're ready to put the lakers up don't don't ruin it you just ruined it i basically i you know i would say if you ask most people right now go ahead greatest owner in the history of bay area sports i think you'd probably hear eddie dee number one that's where i would be i think i think most people would say eddie dis number one yes i think the giant crowd would say hey peter mcgowan larry baer three world series titles that world class ballpark unbelievable paid off the ball of the debt service in the park years ahead of time they've got the mission rock project which is one of the greatest real estate deals in the history of the city they're well positioned in the present they've got three world series in the past and they're they're well positioned into the future so i mean you could make an argument for larry baer peter mcgowan and the giants for sure okay we'll talk about it i didn't know old school i mean there's old school i mean you know you wanna nobody's gonna say crisco hand but i bet you the sharks owners get some votes bob lowery may get a vote franklin mealy may get a vote i'm clogging give you the meal your story i would tell larry off camera how he started with a little cameron san jose say on camera off camera i thought we were still on comcast and wave to the camera exactly no i'm just going to tell you though here's the only reason why i'm not ready to to to jump the forty niners into barlow with with the warriors football is still football debarred low in montana where a lot of people's i love and you never get over your first love i'll go further than that in some ways look at what eddie dee has done just this last year as far as his hall of fame speech that got a standing ovation the goal the the whole golden what's the goal what's the what's the name of the niners charity for the players might golden something something i don't know but i mean to have that that safety deal for the player here's finances the golden the golden parachute that he funded you know and jet along with them but definitely eddie but then also just what he did for white this year and how he just walked the walk you know tracking a little bit could make a very very compelling argument for eddie but i'm gonna go in a different direction okay i love in and then we'll we'll break here but durant okay fine but when it comes to love and feel he's not dwight clark he joe montana he's not ronnie lot he never will be because he came from oklahoma city curry right there everybody loves him but it's not football i say this very serious that forty nine or group is still the most beloved team and franchise the bartolozzi owner carmen policy right hand man i just have to your your your your tempo and your tone i if he would already i will drink no wine before its time by humidity play another good drop here i'm getting too sincere here he went on blow the various sincere eight oh eight can be fun here well it's it's not fun when you texted nerve look at oscar de i like oscar the internees actually listening to the show so you add everything go ahead mike what do you got less than i know everything okay that was your interview for the job at the beginning oh positive i'm looking at oscar the intern who's laughing and listen to the show take a look around that's what eight years will do to you on these sports later it's apathetic screw what was the last one he's currently getting screwed we're all getting screwed on these sports laron on knb are six eighty the sports.

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