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I had the way you kind of describe the you know the jury going, okay? Okay. Okay. And then then the you know the way that that interaction ended being completely different. I had a very similar reaction when I was when I was watching the trial yesterday afternoon. So I think that Z pretty fascinating. You know, it really could have Could've gone a lot of different ways. You mentioned that the defense did ripped through several witnesses yesterday. And we know that the defense is not going to be a long as as Derek shot was, as the as the state is has gone any any idea any speculation as to you know? What do you think the defense might wrap up? Well, the judge said that the jury jury might get Friday off so this may be done tomorrow. All depends on whether or not they call Derek showed him. But to me, all indications would be they will not based on this time line of the jury gets Friday off They were told to pack their bags over the weekend to be ready, Tombo sequestered on Monday. I should say we also heard from show Wanda Hill yesterday, which was interesting, and maybe Scott has thoughts on her. But we talked about you know Maurice Hall quite a bit. And it was interesting to see the body camera video of she wanted. Helen Maurice Hall resolve gave a fake name. And watching them across the street as Park police officer was securing the Mercedes SUV. They were all in, but she want to hell did give the defense her testimony that George Boyd fell asleep. In that SUV, and she said that he was just tired. He was sleepy, but the defense is saying that that's indicative of an overdose. So she did give them that Jason Russia Channel for excellent work. Working people see your continued coverage throughout the day. Well, when I'm not listening to the I R radio podcast, streaming coverage of the trial all day and interweaving updates from Brooklyn Center as well. We've been doing that during the breaks, and that's all that CBS and Minnesota which you could get wherever you stream video, or just go to W. C. C calm, Jason to rest probably doesn't know this, but many frequent guests on the on the show have gone on to much greater things. True, So I just wanna let you know bright things in your future. We're certainly Gonna be hitching our.

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