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You look to yesterday no you're right i mean most governors details you're you're not going to arrive with fifty one twenty nine but we fought strongly enough but the issue that we actually make sure we have a formal vote the democrats obviously blocked the here's the problem began climbing the points if you look at fairfax county and arlington blogger paul is certainly creeping that way i know in fairfax you know they you know they you know for example say that you'll you get people to my team and generally you would hope they would hold up there's some forty eight hours the chance to show up and that's not doing that anymore and i think if you look at the polling doing that way and so may have someone go all the way i think about so why not that problem now i think makes perfect sense it's just a matter of time she works in washington state i think people are billy republican position that and we'll continue to delegate kirk cox the speaker of the virginia house of delegates republican from colonial heights always appreciate you joining us here on the program john thank seven forty four on this thursday time for traffic and weather together and we began in the alday traffic center slow going right now for to eighty eight northbound from lowthian huguenot trail powhite northbound from lowthian up through chippenham collisions on the.

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