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Availability of Alex Ovechkin and Sonny Milano who both missed last night's game with the rangers NFL creators part ways with offensive line coach John matsko, the team releases running back JD mckissick and tenders a qualifying offer to Pro Bowl special teamer Jeremy Reeves, much more burgundy and gold talk inside this week's D.C. sports huddle where we also discuss the NCAA termin I broke out the super awesome bracket cup actually had to cross off a couple teams names last night because the tournament is underway with the first four Texas a and M Corpus Christi and Pitt, both advanced. Today's bracket breakdown on WTO V dot com talks about the field and more of course. Just don't call those the play in games. They're not the playing games. And you know what, to be honest, Dayton does a really good job. They really celebrate these games. If these were, say, the part of the first part of the original sites, they'd get like ten people from what I've been told. But Dayton does it, Dave press and WTO sports. Thank you, Dave. Still ahead after traffic and weather, our top story, three people are dead after an overnight crash on The Rock creek Parkway. 5 26. It's Jonathan cotton with a good feed store. And you know what time of year it is, it's springtime with all those after school spring activities. That means it's also time to take your kids to the good feet store. If our kids are going to stay active and healthy, then they need good feet because whether it's ballet or soccer, drama or field hockey, band or baseball, their feet need to feel good. Those cleats, sneakers, or band shoes, often don't do those young feet any favors. Bring them into the good feet store and let us show them the different good feet arch supports can make. Our team members will measure their feet and find the right art support for them. They can still wear the shoes they want, but they will have the support to make them comfortable now

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