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Showbiz, right to the phones. Right to the phones. One 803 three two 9 two 8 7. Hello, you're on car talk. Carl Jensen here calling from Austin, Texas. No last names, Carl. What's up? Well, I bought about three, four months ago, car my dreams. It's a 1975 Rolls Royce silver shadow. Oh, I love it. You all right? The price wasn't too bad, but the servicing is just killing me on it. Anyway, Rolls Royce was supposed to be very, very silent. And but this one has a wind noise coming out of the right passenger door. Well, I went up to the Rolls Royce dealer I was on business up in Dallas, didn't have a car with me. But I asked them what the price of a new door seal would be. And they said, oh, like 200, $300 plus tax. And then you asked them how much a roll of duct tape was. If you got Rolls Royce duct tape, is that like a hundred bucks a roll? Does it say rolls on it? Yes, it's a roll. Rolls of duck tape. I'm sorry to have interrupted you. You are saga, Carl, but continue. Well, anyway, but the parchment there suggests that before I do that, that I try just bending the window frame in a little bit. He felt it was a very acceptable procedure. Well, I didn't bring myself to bed in the window frame on a Rolls Royce. I want you to actually bend the frame itself the door. Then the door. Yeah, the part of the door which houses the window. You know what should have been the top left hand corner of it if you were standing there looking at it. Okay, do you think I can do that without hurting it? Well, what I usually try to do is lower the garage door onto it. The truth is you can do that. I mean, all you're going to do, you're not going to really bend it because bending would mean you're going to get a crimp in the door. You're not going to bend it. You're going to just twist it. It's just it. Exactly. And I would try that. How much noise does it make? I mean, oh, it's certainly noticeable. It is. Yeah, you know, and I checked the alignment of the door and all it looked as though it was lined up, all right. But I don't know. If while you're moving along, you can pull on the door from the inside, and you get the noise to stop. Oh, you know, I haven't tried that. I'll try to have. Yeah, I'll try to get someone else to do it. Yeah, maybe they can do it from the outside. But have someone else drive the car and you start, you pull on that top, that little corner that corner of the door. Okay. And see if you can get the noise to stop, and that'll tell you that bending the frame will work. If it doesn't, it doesn't work, then the duct tape is definitely my solution. Very well. Oh, you could just sort of seal up that whole door. Yeah. With like, what's that stuff that kids play with? Silly putty. Silly putty. And just don't use that door. You can just slide in from the other. Is this a right hand drive or a left hand drive? Left hand drive. So that's the driver's side anyway that you would get into. Just passengers will have to sneak under the steering wheel. I mean, it's only a how long have you had lightened up? How long have you had this thing, Carl? Oh, three, four months. Yeah. Other than this, has it been everything you would hope it would be? More than that. It is, huh? Just the finest quality of craftsmanship and materials. Oh, and it's always so fun just to sneer at the Mercedes drivers. Well, I know a guy wants who came into a lot of money. I think he was a drug dealer. And he decided he wanted to buy a rolls. And he went to the rolls dealer and he said, I sat in the car and I couldn't help myself, I started to giggle. He said it was so outrageously luxurious that I couldn't help myself. So do you find yourself giggling when you get in your car? Oh, a better than that. Really? Just a wonderful, wonderful feeling. I feel I giggle whenever I get into my 63 Dodge dot also. Everyone around me is giggling at this. Well, now I'm the nouveau poor though. Now that I've spent the money on this, but it's well worth it. Well, that's all right. Good luck to you, Carl. Have a wonderful time driving this sweetheart. Good, thanks for your help. All right, bye bye. Bye bye. What 800, three, three, two, 9, two, 8, 7, hello, your honor. Wait a minute, maybe that's a noun of assembly a rolls of duct tape. The roles of hello. Hello, you're on card stock. Hi, I'm Sheila meter, and I'm from hallowell Maine. I'm calling you because I need your advice. Where's hallowell? Is that like way up in the boondocks? Right beside the capitol. What's that? Washington D.C. is way south, isn't it? You wouldn't really know now. It's kind of out of business. What is the capital Augusta? Augusta. Augusta. Yeah. Yeah, named after Augustus Caesar. Augustus caesare. So what's up, Sheila? Well, between now and November, my husband and I will have to do a lot of traveling. And I really am concerned that I might not have the right mechanic for my car. And I know that you'll tell me whether I do or not. You know we will. I know you will. Yeah..

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