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TM doctors today show you said there to other ingredients ginseng in one of their. Tell me about these. Yeah, dancing in Europe, Lama. So they're also scientifically studied in potent nitric oxide boosters with also some antioxidant in red extract also a strong antioxidant. And so you know, they. Have health benefits on top of also being nitric oxide boosters. Okay. So ginseng I'm familiar with this other one. I'm not though. Can you say the name of it again? Muira m. u. I r. a. Puma p. u. a. m. a. where do you get that? It's the root of a Brazilian plant. Okay. Interesting. As far as as a lot of these supplements go, have you noted this idea of signature of nature, how lot of them like if you look at ginseng root, for example, almost looks a little bit like sperm or a lot of these root based vegetables or this route base thing from Brazil. It you're talking about a lot of times. It's like this hard firm almost like phallic shaped object. Do you think there's anything to that? This idea that nature gives you clues about what type of things would be beneficial for, say sexual health, or for you know, the brain, you know, eggs for the is or anything like that. You know, from evolutionary perspective, that makes a lot of sense. You know, if you're a cave person running around in and you want something for certain function, you would certainly grab. You know, that's why people hack horns off rhinoceroses. Not that it necessarily does anything but don't put rhino horns in your in your cell phone that might get you shut down. What? What kind of things do? Do you personally recommend people either avoid or include in their diet for blood flow? I mean, aside from just popping pills and taking supplements, are there specific foods that you really like to see on a daily basis? Obviously, we've talked about something like fermented beets or watermelon, but what would be others that you would you would especially recommend? You know, to be honest, I'm not any Tristesse than I'm not an expert in those kind of things. I mean, what we recommend typically is just increasing the amount of water consumption to not even a specific number. But just keeping the urine at a light, yellow or comments, hey, colored. That's the best way really to to figure out exactly what your water consumption is is what we call the specific gravity of the urine. So we can actually test what that is, but really the color is the easiest way to pick that up. I'll cut then turns making attritional recommendations your way way ahead. Hi, can.

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