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Of politics Day one of this Republican national Convention, which included the official renomination of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. It was a split program beginning this morning in Charlotte, North Carolina, with the president making appearance there early this afternoon. And concluded tonight with speeches both live and taped, many from the Mellon Auditorium here in Washington, D. C coming up in just a moment, the perspective of two former members of Congress, both from Northern Virginia, Democrat Jim Moran and Republican Tom Davis, But first Elena Train is joining us from here in Washington. He covers politics and the White House for access dot com and I want to begin with the 10 o'clock hour in the speeches by Senator Tim Scott, Republican of South Carolina. Former South Carolina governor and ambassador to the U. N Nikki Haley the significance of their speech speeches and their messages tonight, so I think it's notable that they were chosen to lead in the second hour. That is the hour that Republicans said would be, you know more prominent speakers to hold into the primetime hour of the network news coverage. I think just to start with Senator Ken Scott, who Wrapped up the entire first day of the convention. He gave a very powerful speech on race and given he's the only black Republican senator. His very poised to seek that he also was the lead behind the police reform bill in the Senate Republicans had put forth following the joint, avoid protest. So a very powerful speech from him and I think that he also shows that The Trump campaign and the administration and Republicans in general, really see him as a future leader of the party. That was a big scene tonight, and we'll see that carry on through the rest of the week at the convention there going be highlighting what they're saying. Our rising stars in the party and Tim Scott is definitely one of those. And then the former U. N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, also very powerful, a powerful sea. She often spoke to race relations. And she said, You know, using a personal story of how she's a brown girl in the world in black and white, and that's how she grew up. Definitely struck. I think an emotional chord with viewers on definitely took a more measured approach. We did see from a lot of the other speakers tonight, including Donald Trump Jr. The president's son on Kimberly Growth Oil Donald Trump Junior's girlfriend, but also what's from Victory Fund. They both lead much more pointed attacks on Joe Biden abiding campaign, But I would say that Former master Haley and Senator Scott really tried to paint a more optimistic future and ah, more measured approach to some of the other seekers that we thought, as you know, in past conventions. Normally, the nominee would come out perhaps Wednesday and Thursday and accepting the party's nomination. We saw the president a number of times today in Charlotte, North Carolina, greeting with about 300, plus delegates there and then in two different video tape presentations tonight from the White House, one with first responders and then later with hostages that he was response. Before releasing, and I just wonder about the optics of all of that. And with the messages from the president and from the Republican Party, Oh, I think having having topped with some campaign officials leading up to this week on people at the White House, they want it to be all about Trump. Of course, the convention is all about President Trump and the nominee, but particularly, especially in contrast last week, they want to hear from the president himself thinking that Americans want to hear from President Trump himself and that's why you saw him tonight. In these tapes, appearances and of course, we'll have a massive speech on Thursday on the White House South line, but I think the optics here really that the president himself is very involved in what's happening at the convention. Some Republicans criticized former Vice President Joe Biden last week for not being a CZ forward in the convention. As much as he could have been, of course, that not You know, sticking with president But that is something that I know that the Trump campaign really wanted to highlight this week in the president's self loving the made for TV moments and the rally type. Speeches like he gave today in North Carolina, and then the more intimate settings at the Cape. The White House's appearances tonight on something that he really wanted to do it well, and he's you know some senators Republican senators Senator Sasse Senator Romney, a number of leading Democrats critical of the president, using the White House tonight and then again on Thursday evening. Yes, It's definitely I say, unprecedented and definitely controversial. The president is not part of the Hatch Act, which prohibits public officials from having making some sort of political performing in front of political capacity. The president isn't part of that. But it's still no question, Aly. The ethics about are questionable. And it is going to be especially his speech on Thursday when he's accepting the nomination and his acceptance speech for that definitely questionable optic There was there a moment this evening that stood out from your standpoint, and there were quite a few moments. I think one thing that I noticed Wass they really tried to paint the president Assan empathize, er, which is not something that we see Ah, lot from Republicans in the Trump campaign. We saw that With his his discussion with the former hostages at the White House. It was also a signal of something I brought it before about him, leveraging the White House and the office of the presidency throughout this week, But we also heard from the different speakers trying to be more pathetic person almost similar to what we saw last week with That painting up Biden's character during the Democratic National Convention. I also think that race relations were a huge part of the discussion tonight from each of these seekers, and we heard from a number of prominent black Americans who were supporting President Trump, including Senator Scott, including the woman, Kimberly, Running in Baltimore for former Rep. Elijah Cousin. Andi. So a big theme of tonight, And it's something that we can expect to consider throughout the rest of the week. And at one moment, with Congressman Jim Jordan, talking about the loss of his nephew and then on the phone with the president and the president, talking to father who is grieving the loss of his son so tragically, yes, that plays into the the emphasize the role of the president and again, Jim Jordan is someone that we normally are typically see. Making more fiery attacks. So are coming out in a much more passionate way. Tonight. He was a bit more subdued and really shared a personal stories about his relationship with President Trump and kind of that more gentle side that we don't often see from these Republican leaders. And finally, tomorrow we're going to hear from first lady Melania Trump in the newly renovated Rose Garden also hear from the secretary of state Mike Pompeo, which is rather unprecedented having the sitting secretary of state speaking A political party convention and from Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky. So tomorrow what are you looking for? Elena Train? No. Tomorrow. Just note.

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