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I I heard that. And then I spent the next. Thirty years with that man and him not fulfilling that stuff, do you think that his addiction and his sadness, and his pain is anger of a all the things that that came from from his childhood, but also not fulfilling his purpose that he revealed to me and the gift that he gave me was I heard it. But I am going to actually do it and somewhere in the I heard that. And I felt that I think one thing I became aware of is if you don't intend to your life. If you don't set in motion, what it is that you want guess what that choices going to be made for you. I know what that's like. Yeah. You'll be reacting to your life. And so many people are like just just got through the day. Oh, man. I. But you're doing nothing to to to grow the part of you that wants to, cultivate, the life that will give you joy, it's not easy. But if you don't give your energy to it. Than that wolf inside a U goes hungry, and then the other wolf. Who is just reacting all the time hungry. So now, you just dictated to that weird asked life getting by next thing. You know, you blink year five years ten years. And you're like, what am I doing? This next gassed Brock's hands down one of the most impressive. Zeke's that I've ever seen a mine tire life neem idell KADO neem. I is an IFP professional men's physique bodybuilder. But here's the unexpected twist Nema has never eaten his entire life. Now one bite ever. He's also just in unbelievable sweetheart of a guy he joined the podcast and episode three eighty five and we sat down to talk about his impressive gains. How does it talk about his daily diet and fitness tips people out there trying to get more fit? And it's a conversation. I will leave you not only inspired. But also questioning more than a few long held sumptious about the role of nutrition. So here's knee my on how deals people find it possible to understand that he is vegan. So we referenced earlier that the more successful you get and every kind of hurdle that you overcome. You know, in your mind makes you makes you more proof to the voice of dissent. But also there's going to be the people who are like. Yeah. But yeah. But yeah about right. So I can't let you go without asking about the steroids because you're in a culture in which that is look, it's ubiquitous right? So. I'm sure there are people out there like while he's not eating animal products. But he's but he's doing steroids. Right. So where do you come down on all of this? And there's there's a lot of people say that there's many OTs out. There's are there. I mean, you name it. There's articles. There's like it's the internet. Remember that? So just remember that everything internet isn't true, you're at you don't know who wrote it..

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