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That that not shane mack not to be confused with the other saying okay just just in case anybody gets trying to help wouldn't skull you gregory for the rest of the spot on the alliance but yes state they are on the forefront of at all i mean even buying now you know eu sports uh buddy mine who's a coach he's on the verge of losing his job because he said too many kids don't even want to play real sports they wanted to you sports and they're not even having enough kids to go out there and volunteer or want to play baseball and football because everybody's you know electronic gaming and all that stuff w we just need this big invest in some eu sports company but you know they have a deal with facebook they have a deal with youtube they gotta deal with everybody and i think if you know even let alone the social media aspect i think back if you wanna talk about one we all i got an in the industry and i know is same for you guys there is no such thing as you know email some one a link to your match there was no youtube to be able to put your match up there is no twitter to be able to comment and send people to your majer instagram or anything like that it was vhs tapes and i remember sitting there at two vcrs and heading pause and record in like trying to sink gut music to it to have like a high before this this match and then you would just run into people it shows and just hope that they would pass it off to the next person that were yoda wherever you you'd actually have a packet together right like you'd bring envelopes you're like almost like a resume inland a tape and a by tens and like you know those sorts of things and then even either talking about like the backstage stuff you know we here even edited he really wanted to get some news yeah.

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