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So the bills take over and it is time for Mitch Stravinsky. Fairly more reception. I would say, I think so. I think there's three respectively worked extremely hard. He played through injuries here. He never pointed the figure at himself, which one Only wanted to pump up his teammates. If for whatever reason, it didn't work out. The Bears didn't place the fifth year option on him. He does have a winning record, probably landed in a good spot in Buffalo behind Josh Ellis really, really grow as a young quarterback offensively, Disney another throw this time. It's Gabriel Davis, making the grab whiskey and other Tawes before a tight end, and he's got Dawson Knox had a productive year with Josh Allen. Empty set for Travis Key. Another quick throw Another completion had a good gain on first down to Gabriel Davis whiskey, another quick slant and he's got it. Four man Rush Robiskie throws and it is complete. It's done by Isaiah McKenzie to grab it pitch Singletary. On the perimeter. With the cut and the first down and he Scotland touchdown. Robert Quinn couldn't get them in the open field. Jackson could get him out of bounds at six blitzed up. Whiskey, rolling mat chasing Stravinsky rifles and pass the sticks for a first down to Davis. Four man watch flag is thrown Travis to be outside speeds for Mackenzie. Second goal for this personal flexible Buffalo offensive has a lot of pieces, too. Big Davis out of the backfield. Whiskey on the run Finding Kumerow. That's a touchdown communication from the coaching staff, and he's coaching travesty on the sidelines. Mitch Lawson for completion. Jacob Hollister upended Mike Henry Kendall Gill door. Whiskey into a tight window, and it's a conversion for Jacob Hollister. 21. Nothing. Buffalo Whiskey's got a man down the seam. It is the tight end Jacob Hollister has made some good plays Misty rolling. To the sideline Kumerow, and it's a catch for Jake. Overall. Tyler bash from 41 makes it all Buffalo in the first half 34 to 6 bills. Good work for Mitch. Travis Gibson. That felt good for the former Bears quarterback. Bring them out. Bring them out. Bring them out. Bring them out Who Mount, Bring the mountains. Bring them out. Bring them out. Bring them up. Bring them up and bring them out. Bring them out. So Saturday, Mitchell, Stravinsky and the Bills rolled in the town and Yes, it's a preseason game, my partner Jonathan Hood, but you could tell he was laser focused and really wanted to put on a good show for his team. And he did just that. He was outstanding. For those that are anti Mitch people. This was a Disaster on Saturday, understands the preseason game. But the idea that a guy that was the bane of a lot of various Fansfrustrations walk in here.

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