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A real thesis statement in this rate But? I thought it was really interesting than talking about food droughts. You know that is a major issue that happens a lot of cities because she said you know. The big stores refused to come to this area and without the small store these people would starve and look at Disney talking about how inner city stuff works ninety five. Yeah, before they can get into it anymore over the police comes code three and we got st go. Do you think code three is Cyborg? Attacking Times Square. His. I'm curious Police codes. Is it times? Square Times Square Times Square. Times Square I. Don't know. Please just keep saying I've been once a quote. The response in the United States is used to describe a mode of response for an emergency vehicle. Responding to a call, it is commonly used to mean use lights and sirens. So it's literally anything and it's also called a hot response. That's lame. Dream Oh and Matt show up two times squared. Get the scoop from officer Morgan. Aka One of Dream Boat Sexual harassment. Victims from the last episode Aka Goliath as a human officer Morgan, who knew he would be making so many return cameos so absolute chaos going on fuck had a police cars there I'm so worried about officer Morgan and his case with internal affairs and should dream. Even be talking to him like he doesn't have his union rab. Is there a restraining order? He seemed totally chill. I guess so. I guess he's good at putting on a front. Will you know he's staying strong? What are we talking about? Something going on in Times Square. Okay, why did Dimona? And Deluxe just have him go buck wild in this place is to draw out the other guard. Rules like again. They pick really odd ways to force them out. I feel like I would say yes, because as far as I remember. They still don't know where the gargoyles lives. You're right. Yeah, so D- Q. is just wreaking havoc in the middle of Times Square and the two detectives Matt and Dream Boat that go out and confront him. Guns drawn and I could not help, but think y are any other police officers out there with their guns out. I don't know the scene is surrounded by cop cars nights going and. No one is standing at the ready. You know hiding behind doors guns. ow shouting through a megaphone nothing. They're just watching. This destruction happens. Shit is crazy. more robotic gargoyles again again and I like how Dream Boat doesn't know what this thing is, but she knows gargoyles real and yet her first instinct is immediately to shoot this thing. Yeah, so. D- Q he doesn't care. He's not aware of his surroundings. Now let's happening and who these people are, and what these flashing lights are, and he instead decides to lift a car over his head, and he takes aim at these two cops with a car. Yeah, like you said they start firing at him and they know robots. They've tried shooting robots before. Matt is intimately familiar with trying to shoot a robot. And it doesn't work. nope, in this doesn't work rather just goes. And before we see what happens, cut to commercial break. Shall we do the same, yeah? hunky hero and a fantastic leading lady brought to life with love and loss just past indulge in radio drama filled to the Brim with romance, laughed at wonderfully awkward moments become with a new relationship and don't forget those delicious sexy parts.

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