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Twenty vision on twenty seven ninety day ABC so what that's my intro music wasn't even in the intro music I'm Alan now now we got some stuff happening here we're trying to are you for respond he is a one of the principles and co founders of bees council if you haven't heard of this council go online look it up let's biz council dot com are you correct as counsel dot com his counsel dot com and we're talking about how these young attorney kind of got fed up with the practice of law after about ten minutes and had the nerve to go to these really established business people Brian Lou Brian Lee eventually you got to Brian Lee from legalzoom and got this company up and running and now you are servicing our yeah all of the small businesses hi who is eighty nine dollars a month correct they have access to lawyers for a number of different types of legal issues that come up with small business is a lot of people may not anticipate as a lawyer I'm always talking to my clients and they sell I never knew that was gonna happen that's what lawyers do tell us about issues that may come up with small businesses that bees council can help of course you know a lot of the businesses that we talked to I've been going on for a handful of years and and they've kind of piece things together up until this point and what I like to tell our onboarding team is when when you get a new client maybe this is a good time to dust off that old service agreement or that sales agreement right whatever agreement that you make your money on because there may be changes to the law you may have some provisions in there that don't jive with your current business practices essentially every dollar you make goes through one of these main agreements and the first thing I recommend people to do because usually they come in for a very specific reason of hiring this employee on fire yeah simply is this legal to do what's in this provision of this contract that this vendor sent after we take care of that I recommend Hey let's look at the core of your business which is usually a sales or service agreement and make sure that's up to snuff and as we have that squared away you can start to see Hey what are some other things that I should make sure our our legal and correct and up to date so I can continue growing my business so another area that I think a lot of people are not as focused on as they should be and it's sometimes too late our employment manuals specially in this me to generation a lot of people don't have the necessary employment manuals or the or the regulations rules whatever you wanna call it and they kind of put it on the back burner because it's not something that's top of mind until something happens sure sure and that's and that's becoming more more relevant every single day as I've heard crazy says cystic that one and a handful of every lawsuits in LA Superior down the street is is an employment lawsuit and a lot of those lawsuits could have been prevented if you implemented the right strategies and practices early on a lot of times we hear about how people are being paid half what if they're exempt or non exempt and we look at their employee handbook and it's practically nonexistent so a lot of small businesses when they when they get to us there's a little bit of time that it takes in a little bit of effort that it takes on the small business to get everything squared away like the employee handbook like the monthly manual but once you take care of that once maintaining that becomes a lot easier going forward what about workers compensation California the lies that you have to have workers compensation but there are some small businesses who unfortunately are not complying or maybe their coverage lapsed or something do you ever have any questions about workers compensation or whether someone is just consulting because they're not happy with for instance the insurance company's lawyer correct that had that happens all the time and and what.

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