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King Stephen was a time England would love to forget. By all accounts. King Stephen was a week fool who bankrupted his coffers by paying landholders, exorbitant amounts to support him. So. It was that when he needed money to support and defend his people from invasion. He had nothing left. His people lived in fear and poverty their lives extremely brief and extremely hard. Reality was difficult. What was visible was always unpleasant. So the people turn to the invisible to the unknowable the people turned to the church. This was a time when people believed ghostly figures appeared often that God was watching from above and that demons were definitely real. A paranormal event in medieval times would have been different if something paranormal happen now, it would change the way we see the world forever back then it would have been something that people treated with respect but to them it wouldn't have been all that surprising. In the poem Sir Wayne in the Green Knight the Color Green symbolizes the magical nature of the night William of Newburgh Medieval monastic scholar wrote the following about something that happened in the village of wool pit during the reign of King Stephen. Not, there amid a marvel a prodigy unheard of since the beginning of all time, which is known to have come to pass under King Stephen. He continues. One harvest tide when the harvesters were gathering in the Korn their crapped out from these two pits boy and a girl green at every point of their body clad in garments of strange blue hue and unknown texture. They took the children into the village in the story continued. Nobody, could understand their speech they appeared to be starving, but they wouldn't eat. Eventually they ate beans but sadly, the boy deeply depressed died soon after their arrival in the village. The girl eventually married and settled down when asked about her in the boys origins, she told stories about their world, a world of green people in permanent twilight with no son. One day she and the boy were tending their flocks when they came upon a cave. The girl wouldn't talk about what happened in the cave but when she and the boy stepped out of it, this new land with the bright sun shocked and confused them. Another monastic account claims that the girl said that she and the boy were folks of Saint Martin's land and that they'd heard a great noise and become suddenly wrapped in spirit and found themselves in our world. Sadly lost missing children wandering the landscape wasn't all that uncommon at the time. But. It's the green aspect of these children and their story of the cave in the loud noise that marks these monastic counts as remarkable. In reality to foreign children had most likely been abandoned and found starving perhaps some kind of jaundice or anemia was responsible for the color of their skin. But what if it was something else? During the Middle Ages, the village of wool pit belonged to the Abbey of Barry Saint Edmunds this area was one of the most densely populated parts of rural England. The Abbey of Barry Saint Edmunds was one of the richest Benedictine monasteries in England at the time. And there were a number of stories documented by the monastic scholars right around the time of the Green Children's appearance in wool pit. A handful of these stories involved villagers disappearing into the woods following strange voice. And those very same villagers returning later. Changed? Somehow. The village of Wolf it is located in the county of Suffolk East Anglia, which according to the work of Professor Adams as it relates to tennis is very close to the European location. Adams believed was connected to tennis before he claimed it moved to North America. In Eighteen, twenty, three..

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