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I was getting thirties and forties i just couldn't retain the information 'cause my mind was on the things i wanted to be doing and jolla g thirty learning about rocks dirt was not it unfortunately so i think you have to know that i self and if if you can do that and you have a goal the mission and schools apart of that great but if you don't then in twenty eight teen in it's not a big deal listen quick hockey story for you i went to providence college in rhode island's which you know really prideful both through men's and women's hockey women's hockey phenomenal as well back and actually two thousand and two in the women's when the goat the gold medal the usa women's nine of the players on the team were from providence college was pretty huge but i was in vegas and i was at a bachelor party and i saw i knew this but i had a reminder set up that's my team was playing boston university for the national championship in ten minutes and i was like oh my goodness i'm in a pool i gotta go ran out of the pool i was still dripping wet the bouncers like dude you can't come back in if you leave him i know i watch a game i ran to the sports area where they're playing all the games i walked up to the guy just as like the game is about the face off and i was like what are the on the providence be you game he was like like five to one b you because like providence was like the lowest ever make it to the finals after the hockey whatever playoff is and he was just like all right and i put down a bunch of money on like let's go all providence he's like okay when i sat down i'm still dripping wet like in the year and i went on to watch what ended up being an incredible game where providence one four to three and it was just one of those games of the b you should've scored about six times in the last like two minutes but just like these amazing saves and i just walked out of there would just too much cash that safe to have in vegas and say i didn't wake up with most of it for sure but it was a great experience my alumni providence college won the national championship and i'm very proud of them for that that's awesome i'll tell a quick story to before we go what ocoee i was watching the hockey and last night some vegas paying fifty to one of the start of the year to win the cup some guy no story five hundred one some guy put fifty bucks on them to win which would have paid twenty five grand if bagels ends up winning he sold ticket to his buddy for four hundred bucks i think it was a couple of months ago if they ends up winning the cop this guy's going to be twenty five grand toll you made four or three hundred fifty.

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