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The people are don't punish people yet. Let's talk about you. were him for say. did you have heller. Yeah i did okay. Cracked me if i'm wrong. Didn't he talk about so the whole scene. Where abraham is supposed to sacrifice isaac that. I feel like dr heller talked about how like abraham could've pushed back and said no. I'm not gonna do that. And so abraham sometimes it was like foolishly obedient. I don't know what his term us would do. You remember yet. And i would say abraham does this throughout their times. Or abraham god's because abraham and abraham's like cool in just acts and then there are times where abraham pushes back so. I don't know we could probably research this. If it's like a developed thing that happens is that when he is going to sacrifice isaac. He doesn't feel confident enough. But then when god is going to destroy sodom and gomorrah abraham speaks up in like don't destroy sodom which is interesting. We could probably read between the lines. I don't know there's probably a lot more Hidden behind that text. Yeah but so. Point is there are people in the bible that pushed back and are not like well. Let's talk about this. God because god is not like okay now. This is my decision for doing this. I don't want to hear from you for sure. God while you've got to be knowing you know all of those attributes that we attribute god also god's mind is changed throughout scripture. God's heart is softened in times especially in the old testament and so those conversations are imperative to who these people are following. God The israelites can talk to god through the prophets through whatever that looks like and the ideas that they have a voice in the matter they may not always get what they want it. Yeah but We see profits. We see characters. Talk in engaging conversation with god so the fact that joanna does it. I'm like what are you thinking. You just like god is there. Were you gonna go. You can't excape. God god's gonna be waiting on the shore. Hey and rate was he just going to hide amongst the non israelite people. Maybe if i don't hang out with the israelites god won't find me like. Wow what's thinking. I wanna know jonas mind. Maybe more than most characters in the bible. Yeah like what was the end game for this. Yeah and he's a prophet. I mean we have a book in our bible about jona like important. It's not like reagan or just sitting. You're hating on joan like there's stuff to learn from this. Yeah but it's frustrating. To be able to know the whole story and see jones mishaps and not have jonah remedy them. Yeah so you talk about in your sermon. Like if if john was was he nervous was he scared or was he just playing lazy. Yeah yeah and we get the answer. Later on. joan actually tells god so god saves the fight. Yeah Spoiler alert and jonas as so. This is why. I didn't wanna come. God because i knew you were grace shifts and you're gonna save these people. Yeah so that's jonas motivation for running at least it's what jonas says was his motivation for running is that..

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