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Hours after saying he had simply misspoken when, he said he saw no reason to believe Russia had interfered, in the twenty sixteen US election the president at a cabinet meeting defending. His record for dealing with Russia we're doing very well probably as well as. Anybody. Has ever done with Russia and there's been no president ever as tough as i have been on russia the president has faced bipartisan criticism for his public undermining of u._s. intelligence agencies senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has suggested the senate might now move forward with new sanctions against russia florida senator marco rubio's calling on congress to send a message to russian president vladimir putin bypassing his bipartisan measure called the term or defending elections from threats by establishing red lines on the senate floor rubio said the deter act list sanctions that will go into effect immediately if it's determined that russia's once again interfering in our elections rubio said the only thing putin understands is deterrence at thirteen year old boys recovering from minor injuries after a shark bite at a beach off long island in islip says the boy appears to have minor injuries in that attack and atlantic beach along fire island another attack took place and close by sailors haven we're though on that condition of the second victim The food. And drug administration's moving to make sure non dairy products aren't called milk at. The Commissioner of. Scott Gottlieb says he intends to enforce the definition of milk is something that comes, from Macau not a planned and the roles been on the books for a. Long time but it hasn't been enforced against products such as soya milk and almond milk and a couple of pigs plop. Down at San Antonio animal care services to Vietnamese potbelly pigs are apparently. Dropped off in the backyard of a home close to sixteen oh four foreign lock hill Selma essence it is a legal to keep swine inside the city limits CCS we'll try to find the hogs home and the county breaking.

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