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Pals that my Raghad held John down while Ian had raped and strangled him will never truly know what happened out on the moors that night. But the end result was the same. My Raghad allowed a child killer to continue killing as Tober nineteen sixty five gave way to November the already chilly, Manchester autumn gave way to a cold merciless winter additional searches for bodies. Had to be called off due to snow. Myra in Ian, Rowe constantly to each other while they awaited trial. They were even allowed occasional visits together. During one of these visits in proposed Myra told her mother, it was the happiest moment of her life until her lawyer reminded her that spouses cannot be compelled to testify against each other. Their marriage was only a ploy to cripple the prosecution's case Myra, however, refused to believe that Ian was trying to use her. On April nineteenth nineteen sixty six Myra and Ian, HS fourteen day trial began reporters and news, crews crowded, the courthouse steps hoping to be led inside for what they believed would be a carnival sideshow of trial to make matters even crazier, right? As the trial began the prosecutions, most solid witness David Smith was discovered to have been profiting off my rut and Ian in pending trial. He had signed a contract with a tabloid to give his exclusive story to them once Myra and Ian had been convicted and every time Myra Indian were brought to the courthouse. They had to pass through throngs of people demanding that they be hung. But England had put an end to capital punishment in nineteen sixty five on the exact day. Myra Hindley had been arrested for her part in Edward Evans slaying. And while the masses screamed for her head on a spike those who thought they. New Myra who had grown up with her in Manchester found her charges incomprehensible after Myra was arrested. Her mother had even gone so far as to disown her other daughter, Maureen for helping the police arrest Myra, especially when she learned of David's attempt to profit from Myers conviction Myra, and he and watched the trial from within a bulletproof glass box in the courtroom. Both pleaded not guilty to all charges. Maureen was called in to testify. I she spoke for hours of the negative influence. Ian Brady had had on her sister. Myra had become cold toward people cold toward her religion, impressionable and secretive David Smith came next. He was the prosecution's key witness and spoke for a full day and a half of what he had seen and heard on the night of Edward Evans. Brutal murder. Ian and Myra. Also, both testified under intense questioning. Ng e and finally admitted that he had been the one to strike Edward with the axe. Not David Smith Myra, however, kept her mouth shut as she could. Her defense always seemed to be that she was elsewhere during critical moments when Edward died. She said she had been in the kitchen, she had only helped clean when she was told to as the questions turned to Leslie Ann Downey's murderer Myra again claimed she was elsewhere when Leslie Ann had been photographed in pornographic positions. She had been downstairs, and when the little girl had been strangled. She had been filling the bathtub with water. There's no doubt she was hoping to avoid the harsher penalties of murder and sexual assault by blaming everything on, Ian. But there was one piece of evidence. Neither of them. Could explain away the tape recording of what they had done to Leslie Ann after this will hear Myers downfall. Now back to the story. Myra Hindley and Ian Brady's trial for three child murders in nineteen sixty five caused one of the largest press frenzies in England's history every piece of testimony revealed more and more of the cruelty and depravity that had ruled their relationship for three years, and there was still one more piece of evidence to reveal in the case against the sadistic duo, the sixteen minute audio tape of their rape and torture of ten year old Lesley, Ann Downey. Leslie and could be heard trying to negotiate with her captors at

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