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And 68 in early to Yale. I have news time six minutes after six that was Jewish conservatives organized a rally near 6, 35 and Preston Road and support of Israel in its fight against Hamas. Last night, they were led by Led by Excuse me. They were met by counter pro Palestine supporters. Texas Republican Party chair Alan West was among those in support of Israel. He took to Twitter with his own take. Israel was under attack by designated terrorist organization called Moss. But look across the street. What do you see across the street? You actually see people here in Dallas, Texas, this support terrorist organization. On the other side, People say they are outraged over how the rights of Palestinians are being violated. Not all schools in or Texas will be ditching mask mandates. When Governor Abbott executive order takes effect next month or the governor's order. No public schools in Texas can require masks as of June 4th. But that doesn't Clued the more than 30 schools in the Catholic Diocese of Dallas because the governor's order does not apply to private schools. We're going to maintain our approach through the end of the school year. Superintendent Mavericky says. He doesn't expect much pushback. We've had great parents have complied up to this point, so we're not too worried about that scenario. The diocese is lifting its mask mandate for the fall. Plate. Nevil K. L I. F news is part of a serious of changes to the city's Cupid 19 emergency regulations. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson has rescinded his previous order requiring masks to be worn inside all city facilities. After talking with City Attorney Johnson resented the mask order to comply with Governor Abbot's new order forbidding government entities and officials from mandating face coverings in most circumstances. City manager TC brought backs at Mayor Johnson's request also eliminated the requirement that hospitals and covered 19 test labs report daily statistics to the mayor's office and the Office of Emergency Management, a bill that prohibits women from getting an abortion after detection of the baby's heartbeat Now law in Texas Governor Greg Abbott says the heartbeat bill Had bipartisan support. It ensures that the life of every unborn child who have the heartbeat will be saved from the ravages of abortion. However, pro choice advocates are calling the law extreme, saying heartbeat detection can be heard as early as six weeks. Bill has an exception for medical emergencies, but not for rape, incest and would allow any Texans to sue an abortion provider if they violated state law. Robert Jeffress pastor. The First Baptist Church in Dallas, is warning Christian parents to keep their kids away from Baylor University. Jefferson's a Baylor alum, and he is critical of a recent university board regions decision to allow an LGBT Q group on campus. What they're saying is Oh, no, no, this is going to be a support group. Oh, sure if it works. Support group. They would be trying to help gay or gender confused students out of their behavior. Pastor Jeffress was guest on the Chris Crock program on our sister station W B A P for worth police revealing its new summer crime plan. It's called Fort were safe, officials say. Last year for Worth 112 people were killed. That's the highest number In 26 years, police officer Tracy Carter told W F A A TV. Several people injured in recent shootings were innocent bystanders supposed to should not be shot. We don't want to see anybody die from gun violence, Not anyone. A new initiative includes putting officers in areas where violence is trending upwards. In the program's first week there were 24 arrests, 19 felony charges and 17 weapons confiscated their account. Tarrant County Public Health working on a plan to bring a covert 19 pop up vaccine clinic to downtown Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Public Health director Vinnie Tunisia says they're in talks with Sunday and Square does weekly pop up covert 19 vaccine clinics at the pavilion. This could start as early as next week, and the goal is currently start on Friday because that seems to be the heaviest day of foot traffic in the area and then at the traffic grows and demand is there. We can then expand the number of days there. Tunisia says this another pop up sites plan for the county is part of an effort to make getting the vaccine convenient and quick cat ones I, er Kayla. If news has a number of covert cases continues to drop nationwide, more Americans feeling Safer to fly again, according to the T s a agents or finding an increasing number of prohibited items that are often concealed could easily have a let's say, a lipstick holder. And then all of a sudden, it's actually it's a knife. We're also seeing like flashlights that actually have knives in them. Love Fields. Assistant security director Jeffrey Tyler encourages passengers to know what's in their bags before leaving home. P ECE reporting finding a total of 60 stun guns in the month of April of both DFW and Love. Field airports. Dallas will soon be another stop on the professional tennis circuit. The Association of Tennis Professionals says the Dallas Open will be played annually. The SM you tennis complex data Sports Commission president Monica Paul said. The tournament is another opportunity for Dallas to take the world stage so great for us to continue to promote Dallas to the premier sports destination. I think this is going to be a great opportunity. Obviously at S M u that the premier tennis complex in itself. Dallas Open, and it's organizer's plan to have a year round presence in Dallas. Coming up on K. L I f We're talking or right, And we're not talking fries. I'll tell you about that coming up in 6 17 K l I have news time 6 11. Dallas Fort Worth is Glenn back even under Obama? I don't think it was this bad. I don't think I have ever seen such a clear cut Good versus evil. And we seemed to always be picking the side of evil in the last.

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