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This has been an animal radio news briefs. Get more at animal radio dot pen. Do you travel with your dog? Of course, my pets are part of our family me too. I take daisy with me everywhere. Right. Daisy too. How do you find out what hotels? Welcome you're dawn. I read Fido friendly, the traveling lifestyle magazine for you and your dog sounds perfect for planning our next vacation, right? Daisy. It is their motto is leave no dog behind and they have great hotel in destination reviews. Where can I find the magazine? Go online to Fido friendly dot com. I will for sure come on. We're off to find our next adventure. You're listening to animal radio bones are open at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five. It's radio. We love our pets here in edible radio. They eat better than us. We worship them. They're all our screen little. Little better supplements than us. And I think my dog has more clothes than I do. I think you're right on that. Surely, not as many shoes as joy Villani has in his to shoe closets. So we're a little crazy about our animals. And if you are, well, then this is your show, and we'd love to hear from you one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five and here's a little handy tip. If you can't get through on the phones right now. You're busy right now. You can download the animal radio app and ask you questions right from the animal radio app. Just like that it is for Android, iphone, and blackberry in it's free..

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