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I think that the joy of dentistry is in our quest for mastery and our quest for excellence, and I think that's one of the beautiful things about our professionals were like that we wanna be that way. We were like that way in school. We were hungry. We wanted to learn. Learn I think that students today are very very potentially amazing dentists, I think that I'd were putting out the best potential masters right now dental schools, the educational system is incredibly good at doing what they do. The problem is once they get out of school the pressures are on in. It's very difficult to create this consistency that I think you and I experienced when I got a dental school in eighteen eighty six about same time. You did if I spent an hour on album that was the way was that was fine. I made a living. I made a good living and things were working quite well in that particular practice model today, m I slow maybe a little bit slow compared to some of the fastest operators in those clinics. But I don't think that the speed is Richard Stevenson. Go ahead. Sorry. Okay. Sorry. Videos. I'm one of you two gentlemen. Yes. But I I agree with you. I think that if you treat every patient is though where they were your spouse mother father or kid, I think if you're going to perform the best possible data street, and you're gonna see time as being irrelevant because we have to provide quality dental care for patients. So we just were rebound by that that that's an oath. We've basically taken. By the way, I'm not not the you don't need any marketing at all. I mean, you got seven you have over seven thousand scribes on each gel. But on town when you make a post, you don't you the YouTube channel share versus usual link and the next by overs in bad metric owed on dental town. You can you can click that embed and drop that embed video in opposed. So your YouTube channel is in the post in every dentist who starts posting their YouTube channels on YouTube. I mean on dental town there YouTube channel double because there's a quarter million Dennis on dental town, and my job is to point them into drug tion of great content. And I think your videos are just amazing. And I think I think you should. And if you're shy to say our told me to do this. I'm not kidding face us, Dennis guy told me to do this. But I I wish people look at your. Your YouTube channel videos because the the attention to detail is amazing. I'm going to switch gears completely talk about your journey to start. Your Stevenson dental solutions continue education center, those your journey by the way on Instagram. He's Stevenson dental solutions..

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