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Paying off big big nike now for the first time in seven years nike actually missed earnings expectations analyst at which it announced on thursday exactly they also now only twenty six percent of nike products are made in china now we were very curious about this sounds scary exactly when you think of only six percent sounds like it's a big number nike making things in china then coming back to you as you're thinking tariffs trade war but then we learned a clarification occasion only ten percent of the stuff that's made in china for nike is shipped back to the usa even though you think nike was totally affected by the trade war apparently it's been sitting on the sidelines and affective well my third grade math tells me that twenty six times ten percent impressive two point six six percent so only a tiny little fraction is affected by usa tariffs on chinese goods that wasn't earnings report and that's what was released but then only earnings call ceo mark parker jumps in in drop some serious new storylines oh he said that twenty nineteen is they true tipping tipping point for women in sports unquote and tobacco up fourteen of the twentyfour women's world cup teams right now are walking into the field deck out in nike jurors yeah so nike is taking advantage of tipping point women's can we talk about the united states women's college earlier this they come in white or red both of them looked like captain america uniform you wear this you dress down you could wear formula fair go out to dinner in this thing show up to a board meeting it's also about the details it's got three stars on the left brass classy move 'cause we won the world cup three times subtle no big deal it's also the number one selling soccer jersey on nike dot com ever men's women's whatever we just found this out this week be top selling jersey ever but let's talk about other nike record's here right because the ceo mark parker pointing out this is extending into other category well see number one seller abroad period in north america were talking nike nike none no prize just any brought were talking nike's and everyone celebre in north america finally mark says that women are embracing sneaker culture right you got guys you typically grow up wearing sneakers it's kind of part of the thing and he said that women are wearing sneakers to thank our major trend exactly so jack what's it take away from buddies over nike the most exciting matchup in sports right now is nike verse lulu lulu lemons five year plan we just hold these other week about it double its men sales in quadruple its international sales especially in china exactly and was negative well it's producing a lot in china we just talked about end it's actually trying to sell a lot more in china is well seventy five percent of the goods nike selling are men's gets on the losing side we don't no they don't break it out by gender but we think about seventy five percent is probably women's they're kind of opposite there but competing in the same space is the new magic verse larry the new venus verse sir hey it's nike verse lou for a second straight deutsche bank plans it's cut twenty percent of its workforce and go through like a total makeover for the german banks slow week for markets in the u s now the slow week for laugh now at audi announcement specifically from george expected maybe as early as this week yeah it hasn't been officially now just reported so far but deutsche bank has ninety two thousand workers in the world significant twenty thousand of them might get laid off as a result of their even rumors that they're just gonna sell off their whole you ask division and that's also that's the interesting reporting on what's going on out there usa office bloomberg has done some reporting and then looking at georgia you as headquarters on sixty wall street and the financial this turns out some of the junior traders are just checking out worried that they may be getting like a real rallies very low in workers are just like blatantly working on the resin may like china other john you've got people jumping out the gate drinks at one pm at cipriani is just because why not now here's the plan effort dutch bank over the past year what you merge with also struggling german back come after you wanna share critical disco yeah i used to work there and i used to be the head of the corporate softball it is all about the resident merger though hasn't worked out it's off the table so this plan b involves laugh now in case you're wondering how bad things were done there's a really specific interesting number you could look at here it's called the price to book ratio if you were deutsche bank you gotta balance sheet in that balance sheet showing your value on the book as worth sixty three billion europe yeah that's how much the company has officially worth according to wall street's about seventy one billion us investors who you know pay first stock and decide how much it's worth based some stock and that stock is trading fluidly in the market and they say it's only worth fourteen billion dollars based on today's start seeing got a little comparison there you can compare the price value to the book value yeah and that ratio is twenty two percent so long story short wall street is like that's georgia bag they claim they got a hundred dollars inside i'm not buying it i think it's worth twenty two bucks now this sign here is that there's a lack of faith in kind of management because there's such a discrepancy between the price of the stock in the value the wall street as no faith in its ability make future profits and that's reflected also in the stock price which is down eighty percent in the last forty eight is at an all time low so jack white's take away for are buddies over to attract georgia bank is in the middle of an economic in banking death spiral this all began aid decade ago with the financial crisis and interestingly it's only gotten worse which make without a recovery at the death spiral started with that post financial crisis deutsche bank start getting regulated more heavily end more regulation lead to fewer loans they could have fewer loans led to a slower economy in germany now a slower economy lead to less profits producer but it keeps going round and round less profit furniture lay off led to lay off the thing is economies need banks in bank need economy and the next spot indoors eubanks death spiral could be twenty thousand employees losing their jobs for third and final story step up just launched a loyalty program freer friends who you know spend at least ten thousand dollars a year on guys fair friend who like it either by car or go to a whole bunch of responsible life choice or something to do on wednesday really really wealthy andy huge al not gonna name any names here but you know you're talking to still busy world's largest ticket marketplace and it's actually owned by either so you you're never gonna find a sub kicker at least not rene by the way used only pay pal they they don't step up they have some pretty creative things yeah and it's doubled is launching stubhub be i know you spend ten thousand dollars a year annually on tickets you gain access to like vip every now they're starting fast they're out of the gate with this thing and action begins on thursday on the fourth of july the first special park for members of beyond they get a private tour in batting cages sold variants said yankee stadium in the bronx not too bad now you're also gonna get access to step up tailgate torturing actual branded thing yeah imagine being at the super bowl and getting access to like unlimited bud light unlimited pulled pork sandwiches rather routes yeah to me a bunch of people who were complaining that everyone else in their fantasy league isn't taking the fantasy league serious and then at the next chief swift concert that has dubbed tickets out finally i peas lots of cocktail whom you know ergo any and greet with the talent not too shabby you're gonna be onstage another park you're gonna get special refund treatment taylor swings time of year when you shop lights the concert or like a flight gets canceled you'll get no questions asked refund whatever ticket you buy hodel dog ate my homework we've all been there situation no one cares you don't have to pay and then finally 'cause we all hate waiting on customer service you get a dedicated wrap up support team a seat fourteen be the barcode is it working on trying everything skinning paschal phone number they're perfect for that kind of thing now this compares very interesting late tuesday service it they basically had at stubhub before they introduced from two thousand eleven to two thousand sixteen data very straightforward point based fan rewards program this loyalty program that you know just like you're sky miles and you're doubted the more you're spending more miles you're getting and the more miles you could convert into like free stuff so they're converting from the past which was points it you could generate and redeem to the future which is special special status we were very interested in this distinction in this transition so jack what's the take away from buddies over at stubhub it's important to identify and reward you're most valuable cost now they're gonna put on you show for eight tiny fraction of their customer base right and you might wonder why is because it's worth at the highest benders having outside proportion of the profits generated again this is just like they airlines because it's the same reason why belt is paying so much attention to its first business class travel is really nice you walk into any business school and you're gonna hear them talking about the eighty twenty rule it's not uncommon the eighty percent of profits come from just twenty percent of the now were not endorsing exclusivity here but it's interesting to identify when companies jump onto the exclusivity bandwagon speaking of exclusivity if you are ever outside side of a sub tailgate we highly encourage you to try to get in that act like you've been there before and tell us about the ballpark sandwich just mentioned hey i can't believe we all spend ten thousand bucks this year checking out the take his first over their nike's embrace of women's sports is big and successful business can't emphasize this enough this is the number one bestseller in north america seconds george george eubanks downward spiral is continuing in the next turn looks like twenty thousand you never wanna be in a plan b situation they're in a plan b is the third and final story stubhub is creating the business class that's equivalent of sporting in concert to remember you're gonna see the step up tailgate you're gonna walk up and you just act like it in there and walk right in any essay we all spend ten thousand dollars and in that time for a snack pack today this one sent in by william and because it's eight key milestone doing our williams from we don't exactly can we count billy let's combat lay according to the u s e i am the energy information administration april twenty nineteen when they first month in american history that there more electricity generated from renewables then from call first time they were talking solar hydro winded the whole captain planet situation that is a great milestone for america infer planet earth key thanks for sending that it when william or bill they were gonna go with another story were gonna covering.

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