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And he wrote an SOS letter to the Magistrate of Sacramento who then wrote one to the magistrate of San Francisco but he's really passing the buck. Can you do think home during all this at truckee lake things had been super fucked people were dying of starvation Lewis Louis Casper junior died Joseph Reinhardt died and right before he confessed to killing Mr Wolfing healed wolfing chairman and blamed Louis. That's a good that's a good way to go out to be like well. We have closure at least we have closure now. Reid is still read is still out. I'm trying to get people to go help sure he hasn't given up hope I rescue attempt failed and he was now in San Francisco enlisting volunteers he raised fifteen thousand fifteen hundred by supplies but on February fifth the first rescue party left Johnson's ranch as rescuers in San Francisco kept organizing at centers for John Sutter offered three dollars to anyone who had joined the relief parties yeah eh where to go all the way there John and a glass of water I mean melted snow aredent headed to Napa Napa Sonoma to recruit so obviously ever clearly everyone's like no no no. I don't want to to a future wine country and he just goes on a tour. This is also good to have a reasonably. I'm here to actually my friends are in trouble but I actually want to really nail this down. This is that's good to Pino eight MMA Scotto a little too Ferdie. I'm not crazy about that. It's a little too sweet yes soon. I should get back but I really WANNA. I WANNA I wanNA lock this down. Oh crackers yum yum yum yum just spit on my IPAD. The a rescuer quote they gave the alarm that people would all die without assistance. It was two weeks before any person would consent to go. Oh my God that's pretty bad at die. If we get up there all right. We're just stop. We're out. Finally we concluded we would go or die trying for not to make an attempt to save them would be disgraced us and California as long time lasted two weeks later like Oh our right. This'll be bad usually pay do this on February nineteenth. The first relief arrived at Donner Donner Party's campsite unquote. No living thing except ourselves wasn't site. Oh No we raised allowed. Hello Hello her friends. Then we saw a woman emerge from a hole in the snow how Oh everything's on fire as we approached coached her several others made their parents to in like manner coming out of the snow we're dying. We're the snow people depots they were gone with famine and I never can forget the horrible ghastly sight they presented the first woman spoke in a hollow voice very much agitated she said are you from California or do you come from Heaven God. It goes with the idea that you're in the state whether your two options are Ella -fornia or heaven there's now at between in what is that the clouds are the guy I would actually say California's heaven and that's it's why Dave Anthony is running for governor of this state the great state telephone my campaign slogan Logan is let's eat the Patrick's down with the Patriarchy so the first relief rescued twenty three people and left thirty one behind. That's all they could bring out was twenty twenty-three well. I mean good Lord. Talk about lining up for you know. Can I go with the first with the first group. No Okay uh all right Lewis's wife and daughter were among the rescued. Louis remained the camp because of his injured foot Ada died died in route Tamsin Donner would not leave her dying husband side. She wouldn't leave George who has the gangrene share. Ah I rescue left her but she sent her children away to be saved but a storm came with the rescuer would take in the donner children so he left the kids in Lewis's cabin on the other side of the lake just the two of them. I think there's more than two okay but it's just all the kids in one cabin yeah. She put him in that cabin. He's like I can't take in the snow so good luck. Children won't go well see later by the way don't play with this guy's daughter he hits them. Oh she's dead. Never remind ono play whether then too so hard play with the dead the friend who soon so Tamsin became worried why and a man visited the other side visited visited the cabins on the other side looking to see if anyone knew if the Donner Joel children had reached safety over there found the Donna children and Lewis's cabin and unquote witnessed such scenes of horror and suffering that he believed their lives were in danger of death more violent than starvation. What so I think he's hitting them? Oh Shit can't imagine I mean that's all I can okay so Elisa Donner quote. I remember being awakened while there were I. I remember being awakened while they were by two little arms clasped suddenly and tightly around me and I heard Francis say no she shall not go with you. You want to kill her nearest casper the man with the bushy hair what is going on right now in limping past are sleeping place it stopped and said something about taking me away with them which so frightened my sisters that they believe my life endanger and would not let me move beyond their reach while we remained in that dungeon we spoke in whispers suffered as much as the starving children in Joseph's time and we're more afraid than Daniel and the deadlines so I think he wanted to eat them. Oh what he was trying to take one to eat eat eat and and the rest are like Oh. You're not eating her yeah and so. They were just holding onto each other to try to keep but that's I grew up like that. I mean that's just horrible fucked the United States here one of you to come with me. Let's go outside and play axe they were but they were rescued. By the second relief again. Tamsin refused to go she stayed with George. The third relief was led by William Eddie and William Foster oster who came hoping their sons. We're live when they arrived. Miss Murphy said a single word to them dead Miss Murphy. How about opener about a low dead dead? Oh hello both of the boys had been cannibalized Jesus Christ. This is Murphy. Who's twelve year old was the one that died earlier was one of the first I did the camp to cannibalize a body but she accused Louis saying he'd grown impatient wanting the boys to die took little George foster to bed one night and and killed him by morning hanging his carcass on the wall like a slab of game fuck sake both any and foster were outraged but fostered word then saw that Miss Murphy was out of her fucking mind and bland and believed Lewis Claims of innocence Eddie on the other hand swore or he would kill Lewis once all this was over? Just then Tamsin Donner stumbled into the cabin walking miles eddy in foster offered to take her and her children yeah but once she saw children are gone and alive in good hands she returned George he died a few weeks later when the third relief mission was completed they assumed George Samuel Donner and Mrs Murphy had died. Sorry sorry it must Tamsin just to change so George Thompson and and Mrs Murphy had died. I think that's all that was left up. That's all they left there. That left a way that left Thompson and Louis going survivors. Okay so there's George Donner Miss Murphy three times and then Louis those are the survivors non thought Lewis was worth risking their life for finally and Tamsin had already turned down three chances to leave so they weren't going to go back for so they waited for the weather clear up a month later and then they went and this was the fourth relief and they just saw this as a salvage operation to get all the belongings hey on April seventeenth fourth relief arrived at Donner's family the camp outside there was a kettle filled with human flesh Jesus Christ leftovers George Donner's Buckingham exam sandwiches tomorrow. George Donner's body was covered in a sheet his head butchered and brains removed in that skull get in this goal goal. That's where the candies talking now. Let's stop everything you're saying. Candy is Tamsin was nowhere in sight. When the group got to Lewis's Pad Crib Ebb they saw him with Tammy's body preparing a meal of human lungs and livers Jesus Christ? Dude Lewis was the sole survivor all around the camp. We're on a couple pounds. Shake off that Christmas way to my right around the holidays the only one who is more of your family than you I ordered a Pentagon good Loyd.

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