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First date. Day two. She's blaming is other Xinmi because he got engaged. Okay. And now thanking thanking us he's thanking us. Yeah. Alicia said she if they had a home in Aruba was she wanted to buy, but she would let Zach use a for his honeymoon now Alicia who's pushing Zaki getting gauges now mad at her husband because it dawned on her. She doesn't buy the home that robot Zach and now we're zagging, gene. Now, they're all mad. Because of this situation calling gene out. Shout out the gene you get that house in a room. How do you know he watches first name on the year? He doesn't want us. I on the air. Does he I could be talking about? Bob's burgers, gene. Spurs team. Chris. Oh, by the way, you know. What Joe I, you know, I take back not letting you watch the TV if you open up your front window and look to the east you'll see? Yeah. Fifty five inch TV. Yeah. Yeah. But that. Hi death. Yeah. They have to give a back within like a month. It's true. It's true. We were talking for the next question. Yeah. And I do want to thank you for not coming because you know, my chances are better without you there. Win because the company should be very happy with me for not going to save the money, you know, so they didn't have to spend as much money on the halfwits at work here. Was delicious. And I didn't hear anything about chicken. Shen stuff, pork. And there was some real nice roast beef roast beef leftover. No, we don't get those letters some stale bagels in the news. Junk back here, they leave it. It's hard as rocks. When we get here. Actually has trash written on. It doesn't really four. I wanted to oh, we're talking about life insurance. I life insurance policy who were sold on this day back in eighteen or something 1891 or something. Well, we got to talk about the thing is first wife yet. I know you if you're the salesman you say to them look don't die because I'm making commissions on this doll. On me. Because then I lose my commission. I'm selling you this the idea that you're going to stay alive for at least fifteen years. All right. They stall. So the the salesperson calls every day and says Chris eating your vegetables. You exercising. Doll die on me. I'll lose my commissions. Right. That's. Anyway. Are your time in front of the TV Chris Christie, fifty five inch TV well that could make havoc for the insurance company. True. You want to give it to us. Yeah. We're willing to take my wife would be exactly what he has what he wanted to exact mom. Kris party. His mom. Who is other job Christmas party tonight? No, you're gonna also be good food very good food catered by own heavily.

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