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And he would always ask me questions i hate what happened when you can give me an example and i would just go off and starts ellen stories in the ass to about eddie guerrero and ben juan de milenko and the radicals when they came over when i told him this long convoluted story about how all that took place looked at mass podcasts right that's something never going to happen i wasn't comfortable sharing those kind of stories in the public forum and he kept on me and we recorded three or four pilot shows if you will and here i am and finally i actually got to be guests on your show but it's amazing to me because like i said there's there's a lot of rest in podcasts and you know after because we kind of reconnected in that philly thing because somebody for a while and it's not like we ever thought they weren't friends but you don't really keep in touch and then some so when i heard that you had one and it's funny too because god bless him when flair started doing his podcast with conrad you know we both know that it probably wasn't going to last very long because rick is rick but i had heard conrad a couple of times and then when i found out that he was doing with you and then kind of listening to it really enjoyed i don't listen to all of them because there's some that i just wasn't really connected with but the one that i just listened to was the evil twin referee hefner hefner the main event andrea and hoke hulk and i remember i was going to call this a wanted to save it for the show is that i was super super fan me and my friend wala's was his nickname and i was working at a deli and i've had to miss it and i said well whatever happens you gotta come tell me and are never forget he came running into the delis you're not gonna believe what happened what there was evil to referee and dollars hundred is is money at plastic surgery and that's what what do you mean hulk lost the title you couldn't believe how huge of a deal it was that hogan lost the title to the evil twin referee and just hearing the whole description behind it it was really cool and if you can imagine you know for where the businesses now where the wwe is now and how they do business i was running the gorilla position which is the position right before the wrestlers go out timing the show given the queues and everything and you were like what you said twenty four years old was exactly twenty four and vince asked me before he went out to do commentaries that you have the finish for hogan match and i in my head i had the finish anew we were switching the title but i didn't have the finish he says and i said well i know what we're doing he goes do you know how we're doing it do i need to know and he laughed and he said nope you don't but if you wanna know i'll watch and i was just like everybody else absolutely amazed watching the whole thing go down because for me the last person i talked to before they went out was earl hefner i thought it was dave so i'm talking to them i think i'm talking to dave hefner and it was earl earl was the guy who did the running dave neuro earl refereed the match came in days in the run in unbelievable what happened in case you didn't see her to remember is that basically hogan loss to a fast count and then suddenly another referee appears who looks exactly like the record it and there was twins the hefner twins brothers did you know that dave headed twin no i didn't so i i know worst kept secret in in in russ and obviously they both worked for jim crockett before that but i didn't know it and i just started not i hadn't even been in the wwf at that point for even a year so i just knew dave didn't know earl but i in hindsight being twenty twenty after the fact.

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