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And you know, but you know, I still was and I remember Dino plane with Dino with the first couple of times, and you know, he called me, you know, corn bread, you know. And I you know, I kind of had to take that a little too heart. You know, you know, but it's, but it was he was the golden boy right in the middle of it. The old man's Dean Martin you look like him. He's going to be a flyer. He can hit the ball. He could play pretty good, Tennessee cut. And and you know, but. You know around the club. It was pretty good. But you know, getting out there and playing against the best different different strata. So the club and the promised land in a way turns out to be with Pancho little Pancho at the Beverly Hills tennis club. And then there's home sudden big punch. Jimmy. I'm trying to think you is fifteen sixteen year old boys sitting there and every famous cat, including the great Gonzales walks into the club. What is that like that that club back? Then was was a mecca of tennis anybody who came through California's air from labor to Rosewall to Emerson to Bobby Riggs to kansallis to Charlie Pasarell to Arthur ash. I mean, it was it was beyond and you'd walk in. You don't know who you'd see there? You know? So just hanging around you could you know, there's a game somewhere. Right. But but that was all because of of Pancho Segura was such an attraction such a draw his personality and his reputation and his game. And everything was you know, you walk in there. And it was never dull good kits going on. When tennis wasn't being played. That was the best part of the day. You know, go get your work out. We'll sit around and have lunch, you know, do that. But the the lunches, and and I mean, I go in in the evenings. And Pancho would always take a St.. Team afterwards. And and I hit some balls..

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