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And you know what it doesn't and it's hard. It's really hard to do because you wanNA. You WanNa hit the rights. And it's hard to communicate Ashley Flood Sensitive in House. Will you look at that? You've been on that side of it so you understand like oh well now. They're so I need to make sure that everyone understands because that is a thing about calling. That won't Cease Times. I might have thought you know I can say his you. How feisty greetings her it still might not craze and green and your head is in my head. You know that somebody right. Listen I a philosophy major brain the first time I was introduced to me like like the basics of philosophy class like when the entry level where. They're like well you know I don't know but when I say a table that you see the same table and I was like. Oh my God I can't even fucking process Just that idea of trying to understand what someone else understands. An object a reference point to be. Yes you're absolutely right. And it's a wonder that we're able to even organize mclovin agreements. Lastly sort of what are you kind of like just I just want to. I'm trying to give people as many sort of positive nuggets to chew on. And as we're sort of navigating all this strange just ways that you stayed joyful and positive in inspired and happy and hopeful. Is there any? Is there a mantra or is there just sort of a general outlook or something that you're able to fall back on for you know when people can feel weird? Well the way personal state was that you INFO Soobee be smaller and that host viruses to take some Things do still access to a computer was. I'm an this'll be very satisfying about you know. Oh I've gotTa make assets only window what be trying to find some joined. But it's it's you know soggy Another's got nice Probably awful advice to someone but not the little this life taking taking. I'm enjoying this little anxious Do you think is probably get through this and I think we definitely had? I think not all people but I think by large a lot of people had lost sight of that and I certainly don't think that our culture necessarily fosters appreciating the small things and appreciating life stuff. But those are all the things that you know when you talk to people who are older and Wiser. Those are always the things that they go like. Yeah I just I just got rid of all the shit that I was obsessing over the demeanor anything on the smaller things and appreciated the moment and so hopefully were in a in in a state of of transitioning into more of a wisdom. Maybe they're more wisdom nuggets that we can take this. Mister Wizard Nuggets probably was good. I was thank you so much for taking the time to do this. This was so wonderful to chat with you. Know many nice tax very nice and windows first of all you do. You probably don't know when passing is coming out yet awesome. It's really not the for details loop now on Plus out we've gotTA Stages last outside Loop is a fun sort of. It's it's like a Sifi dodgy series but it but rather than being a bunch of disconnected stories. They have also central around this one experience. That the and it's very. It's actually very subtle on the solvable and cynical things that we were just chatting about. Ashley IN TERMS OF ITS SLOW PACE. Also Escapism. But it's meaning escapism. So I think it's quite good evening and thank you so much back. It was an absolute pleasure talking to you. Thank you wish you all the safety and health in the world and I legitimately excited to see your movie when it comes out. It really sounds exciting. Take Care Bye like like. I need gaining complete. Enjoy over ITO..

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