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Wait way too young and all of the family members the surrounding us is very very it's it's so tough his twin brother come courting hold his twin brother officer hold is the twin brother is actually a of officer with the Fargo police department so I thought it personally to the entire family all of them understood tough they were contracted with mayor Tim Mahoney who is making his way to the funeral today last but that permit issue are we also gonna chat with Dan Johnston is the north coast a treasurer candidate we've been focusing closely on that particular race as we head into election day good table another very important race in McKenzie county for county commission the bokken backers have the identified for candidates that they're supporting very very important to the future of north court of that race for McKenzie county commission as important as anything out of the future of the oil and gas development and for that matter the state of North Dakota is ability to climb back from a covert so listen up for details on that before the end of the hour and then the new guy on the job anti armor because the new president at the university of North Dakota I'm checking him for a couple minutes there today because he started yesterday so we want to find out what's so what's ahead for the university of North Dakota all that coming up on the program we call what's on your mind your calls your questions comments or in center Kevin Graham their dresses well also on his way up to the funeral today along with center opened so I will I will catch in that we catch up with the senator Kramer in just few minutes as well.

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