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The Washington State Department transportation wants to make that the debate plus the fast ferry in kit. Cephas who really well, I'm legitimately. Glad to hear that Tracy Taylor. Check traffic brought to you by Michael's Subaru of Bellevue. Okay. So drivers that are going southbound I five Albro. Here's the deal. This is an investigation. That's happening right now. Three lanes are blocked HOV lane two left lanes. And no estimated time. When those those lanes will be reopened. However, it is causing a little bit of a lineup after the west Seattle bridge towards that scene. If you want to jump off of that lineup. You might want to consider using airport way south. That's just a quicker and faster route getting out of the city. Also watching this stall out. No, it's a wreck. Southbound I five just north of seventy that's taking up the right lane. Also, just a reminder if you are going to be traveling over I ninety you're not going to be able to do that because it shutdown between north bend and Ellensburg, both directions. And that has a lot to do with the adverse weather conditions that we've had over the last twenty four hours drivers that normally us highway eighteen out near is Oklahoma road. Both directions are shut down there. You are going to find no make that westbound eighteen from Issaquah Hobart road. Those lanes are shut down because of the earlier jackknifed semi those those twenty four hours ago. So it's going to take them still a little while to get things kind of recovered through that area. Traffic brought to you by Michael's Subaru Bellevue. Part of the family of Michael's automotive group for the life you live by ninety eight Eastgate or online at Michael Subaru dot com. Kiro radio realtime traffic, I'm Tracy Taylor. It is the kidney Mike and Todd show. That's candy Harper over there. Mike was over here. Coming.

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