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Do as a at catcher last shirt do uh uh they have a thousand yards receiving up thousand yards rushing to have that type of allen is incredible but i'm looking at a guy like lady on bell holding out franchise i think this is a guy who is putting a lot on him to sell batting on himself and i feel like he's prime for a big season i'm not worried about an injury history not worried about really is durability i think he's proven that he can take on each made i i think it's proven that he's as part of a workers you're gonna find ever every one of his teammates raves about his work ethic i just think he's not happy with the deal right now that's totally understandable still i think at the guy is betting on himself and i think he's probably for a big year so if i've got the number one pick i'm take away beyond bell especially if you're in a t r league where you get points for reception i think that's the got type of guy you why i don't think you can go along with david johnston but i really think way beyond belts prime for another big season especially with the with the type of weapon they you on the outside of it call you'll proud open up space one guy that scares me is rob mcaliskey who's been a monster but because of his injury with players gives you that you want to stay away from it all he he's got played understandable uh i i can see why you'd want to stay away from i'm died on 100 percent sold on cam newton not because he couldn't have a great year but cam newton his eighth bandits he point provider because of what he can do on the ground is while because of his versatility is guy we can look up all and use the guy who cause damage on the ground ron rivera wants to one him a little bit less uh wants to take away some of the punishment that he's been taking he wants him to stay in the pocket a little bit or he's got weapons it's not like he can't be a traditionally power poll quarterback in terms of point production in a fantasy league but.

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