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You need to stay in the driver's seat when it comes to talking to your kids about sex and i'm here to help parents i want to win by two now to listen to a wonderful conversation i had with my friend and colleague dr sandor wek state we'll sander thanks so much for joining me and talking about kids and anxiety today i appreciate being here mech yeah now as a child and adolescent psychiatrist you've got a really busy practice take us through your office doors and tell me what are the most common psychiatric irs psychological issues that you see on a regular basis and kids will probably the most common one in some form or another is what we're talking about today anxiety brings icty disorders though i also see a lot of kids with some form of abboud disorder either depression or bipolar disorder missy lots of kids with autism spectrum disorder that's probably a quarter to a third of my practice lots of kids who have adhd lots of kids who have picked disorders of treads the irs lots of kids who have specific learning disabilities and then as we have learned over the years it's much more common that you have overlaps or call mobility so i see the majority of kids who have overlapped of one or two or three of those things as opposed to anyone alone so you can have kids so if you're treating a child with anxiety there's a pretty good chance that you're also treating something else so a child with depression may have anxiety or child with adhd may have anxiety is that pretty fair to say so anxiety can can crossover with a lot of different issues absolutely in in my mind that's why it's really important to try to to a thoughtful a valuation because if you're making an assumption or only one treating one part of that puzzle the likelihood of you helping luke successful treatment for optimal treatment is less well let's sort of honing.

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