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Weeks in The story with the Broncos is no different. What they need to do. On a week to week basis, they got to run the football. You got to be able to establish the running game. And now you have Philip Lindsay and Melvin Gordon for the first time since week one. To get a chance to see your tandem Backfilled ring today as the fifth best in the NFL. Buy some publication NFL dot com. Maybe They've got to be ableto. Run the football against this this Patriots defense and and take some of the Pressure off of whoever starts at quarterback. But as you might imagine, the New England Patriots are pretty stingy when it gets comes to giving up. Rushing yards. It would be good to see Philip Lindsay back out on the field and get to see this running back tandem. Which to me is one of the best things about the Broncos coming into the season in a year where I thought there wouldn't be much good. I really thought this tandem would work. And we haven't seen that yet. Because of Philip Lindsay's injury. I think with, with Philip Lindsay and Melvin Gordon, both healthy, they have a chance to run the ball effectively and Limit. The amount of decisions that Brett ripping or drew lock will have to make on Sunday, but And I believe they will run the football. They ran the football with Melvin Gordon against the Jets, right? Withdrew. Lock. What I fear is that Pat Shurmur, as the game goes on, will abandon the running game. And let his big armed quarterback hook it around the yard. And that's not.

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