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Indeed. That is a tough one. There is a job. Well, and it's because of the skill sets that you already have on the roster. Again, let's assume that LeBron and AD both stay. Well, depending on who the coach is. Maybe it's quin Snyder. But Anthony Davis may or may not be the center most of the time. So do you target a center knowing that most if AD is healthy and then I go, that's a big if. But they're only playing 15 minutes a night, maybe, or do you target a point guard, but at the same time, let's face it, regardless of what position LeBron is on the offensive end of the floor, he acts quite a bit as the point guard. So that's tough. I guess cheating answer would be whichever one can be a three and D style switchy defender, the best. And obviously you don't find that a lot at the center position. But if you could find somebody who's got the ability to rotate out that can protect the rim a little bit, they can shoot. I'd be okay with putting money in there. I'd also be okay with putting in money into a highly efficient point guard. Who can also be a switchy defender. So a bigger point guard, then kind of like a Ron Harper mold if we go back in time a little bit. Bigger guy, they can switch out onto multiple players, something like that from the point guard position. I guess if I have to answer it, I'll say center because I'd like to take some of those minutes off of Anthony Davis, and I think the team does need another big that they can truly fall back on. And I do think that their path to success has primarily been LeBron James having the ball in his hands as much as possible. It's funny because I think I'm actually gonna go a point going. Oh, good. Okay, great. Yes, no, and I just think it's because this team has looked good when they've had more shooters out there. I think any kind of stretch big or 5 is going to cost them more than what they can afford. So I think being able to find guards on the cheap who can space the floor a little bit, handle the bulb is some of the playmaking burden off of LeBron. We've seen DJ augustin do it this off season. Maybe he's the guy the Lakers go back to. Who knows? But I think that type of molder player is a lot easier to find. And I think that will work a lot better next to LeBron and AD because let's face it too. I think whoever the coach is next season is going to probably commit more to a small ball lineup. I think Anthony Davis is a full-time 5. Personally. So and I also think that finding centers serviceable centers is a lot easier on veteran minimums. We've seen it with JaVale McGee, bismack biombo. I just named the two sun centers. But that's my point, right? Is that you can find centers kind of on the bargain bin. So if you're going to allocate more resources, whatever if it has to come through picks, more money, whatever. I think it'd be best going to a guard. All right, fair enough. Do you think Anthony Davis holds up? If he's playing center? Do you think that's a factor in his injuries?.

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