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S._n._p. Plus teams hawaii was to insects and against teams that were in the bottom thirty of the b._s. In essence plus they were five now so that that's how hawaii wins hawaii a team. That's like they're a bully against terrible teams because terrible teams do not. We'll have the secondary's to compete with. All the different athletes that hawaii has you know in in the system where the receiver sort of get the freelance their routes and everything like that and they always have the defense on the heels. If you can't get a pass rush on and you don't have athletes to match with those receivers well once they start to face defense as they could and i'm not talking alabama or l._s._u. For hawaii we're talking more like the b._y._u.'s and you know the you know the teams like that you know in t- teams in the n._w._c. at least had some some type of secondary play <hes> <hes> they really started to struggle now to be fair calming donald did struggle with an injury of his own you know in in in the middle of the season or whatever but <hes> their their struggles those hawaii you can pretty clearly delineate them between the good opponents that they played in the bat opponents that they played whereas i feel that arizona's struggles and the way that they're two two thousand eighteen season played out the circumstances it didn't have to do with with opponent quality because we saw arizona absolutely annihilate oregon right or in a again. They should have beaten arizona state etc <hes>. It was more about these other things they it was a hard transition to begin with and then take got hurt. You don't want to give excuses because i i think you know someone and mazzone. They both hold culpability here. They did not do well right. If if it repeats they are going to be on the hot tea really quickly and they may even accelerate right beyond that and go into sort of jim mcelwain zone. You know where you can get fired before. You're the third season but i don't. I don't think that it's it's going to repeat. I'm a little bit more bullish on arizona than i think some other people are just because of these circumstances <hes> and and mine suspicion that you know those aren't going to be either this year and then with hawaii it's sort of the other way <hes> just because i saw the way that their season plato and they just don't put a scare into good teams. You know there's a lot of phenomenal points and a lotta great thoughts in there and and that's something i think is important too. Is that a lot of times. We survey the previous season. Listen to put together paul ratings or whatever else you know we'll get returning starters returning production that type of stuff but we probably don't do enough of what you just talked about with hawaii where they beat the teams that they were supposed to the teams that were equal or below them and struggle with teams that we're above them and there's no doubt about it that when you look at it arizona team as he double double digit favorite going to the island in week one even with why not being as good at home they have been in the past. It's still a sign that arizona is at least a tear or two above bob hawaii. I think it's an excellent point something it hasn't been brought up here yet so far this week on the show so <hes> you'll thank you for being that to light but i it makes sense exactly what you said ed there and and you know i mean whether you want to play arizona in this spot or not it. You still have to consider the fact that arizona's a better team and when hawaii played better teams they had problems. Does that change for this year. I guess what the wait and see yeah one hundred percent yeah. I mean you go back to hawaii win last year. You're talking colorado state in the opener opener. We thought the car out of say was going to be decent but it turns out that they stunk so that that win means nothing. They beat navey similar thing we got. The navy was good. Last year turns out that they weren't beat rice one of the worst c._b._s..

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