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Formerly of we as human you've got to play all the coolest places, which I wish I could including red rocks. Tell me stories about that place twice to will make it good. She shop. View resurface on social media, recently, gentlemen, if you've seen or not. Yeah. Have you and your Obam mates standing in the lobby but like the walkway by the doors has machine shop? Oh, yeah. The latest kit looking. Yeah, they have. Yeah. You get your picture taken in the hallway. And then they put it up in the hallway, and that's the thing. But it's all that. Anyway, you've got a number one billboard charting song that you mixed co-produce Koiji neared played guitar saying, so do you all the things on rock album of the year? Best new artist of the year, all these awards and accolades, your own recordings to you. Because you mix you engineer you song right with shoals music, you produce and one thing that we haven't talked about yet in the history of turned up podcast, which I'm surprised hasn't shown up yet for the last four years. You've been a beta tester for allergies before they go public and can or something as an actual allergy. They they inject you with it. And see if you're to tell some of the things that the strangest ones that you've had to encounter lately, honestly. And this one is an isn't lately. So they were they were going to. You say so much without saying anything at all Jake. Sorry. I'm being blinded by your gold record over there hanging on the wall. So WalMart was interested in rolling out. This new allergy that they were calling gluten. And so they were they said, hey, we need to come up with an allergy. We're not sure what to call it. And so they had a list of words, and apparently one of their employees sat on it with their glutinous Maximus decided to call it Luton. That's where it came from. And so they said what a great idea will invent this allergy called gluten allergy or gluten intolerance and will roll that out. So it was a beta tester for it. And I told him I don't know. I don't feel good about this one. Literally, you know, I pooped my pants a couple of times, it was very embarrassing that wasn't really different from normal days. Well. No, I felt like it was a little different. The timing was different. Got you. I'm on a set schedule. This was your very regular irregularly. Poop your pants. Yes. And this was irregular expecting it. And and so that moves just a really strange one. And I suggested that they don't they don't do it. You said nee I said a, but they rolled out with it. Anyway. And turns out it was a hit have you ever found? It weird being the only person on the panel about for like beta testing, allergies. Never thought of it. It's weird. I really the only person they told me that we're a bunch of other people. I think that just said that 'cause you kept showing up every day, and they're like what could we do to make him leave? Hey, go home and sleep on this and see what you think. Yeah. Man. It's just really there's draw. Anything pins there? No, needles or anything. They haven't been giving anything doesn't skills that you've been taking. Oh, man. I thought were delicious jobs is marking like all the SS off of the skittles. So he wouldn't tell wait a minute. Is that we know each other. That's where we first met. And then you started following me home. Oh, Robert ridiculous ridiculous. Let's put into this. We have it. We were talking about Maha Hobie was the word. Robert. No that was an I wanted to go somewhere with me for a moment. Again, home headphones off all right. All right. I want you to close your eyes. Imagine you're out doing your usual shopping for chicken nuggets in ironing boards. K the us normal. You're minding your own business. When suddenly you notice a faint noise over the stores speaker system you continue down the aisle trying to decide whether this steel top board is better or worse than the typical cloth top. There are big differences, by the way. They're definitely. You reach the end of the iron board. I'll and you're right Blois speaker. And you realize that what you're hearing is your worst fear. Swing pool of milk in those straws. Second worst fear. Second worst fear. You start to panic. You're breathing gets shorter your heart rate faster. You start sweating excessively. Your mouth is becoming drier than the Sahara desert, and you feel your stomach squeeze as your.

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