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I'm just amazed. Aren't you? The more because of what happened yesterday studying the history of that cathedral. The architecture. I'm just flabbergasted. In so many ways at how they built. Cathedral like that back in the year eleven sixty until what you're thirteen forty five. Took almost amazed by that think about that. Takes almost two hundred years to build. So so people who are. Think about that people who were around when Notre dam was beginning was going under construction was beginning to be built. They never came close to seen built to seeing finished. Isn't that something it took two hundred years to build? Now. This is the year twenty nineteen right now. So that's like analogous to starting work on a building in the year eighteen nineteen and you're just finishing this year. Okay. That's like amazing. That's like seriously who who. The people who are building the that the darn thing. You don't get to see the fruits of your labor. Your dead. Your kids are dead. Your grandkids are dead. I think I'm right on this. Your great grandkids are dead before that cathedral was finished. You magin that? Beginning building in the year eighteen nineteen and it's just finished this year. That's how long it took to build. Notre dom. And I'm just a mazed without our machinery without our technology. Without everything we have today to build these mammoth skyscrapers. These million storey buildings. It's incredible. That that they were able to build. A cathedral building like they did. Back in the twelve and thirteen centuries. It's quite a feat. I would. I would encourage if you've got some time on your hands. Read up on how they built Notre down. The process is fascinating. What they did how they had to improvise over the years. How long it took how difficult it was. That whole subject of. How they built these great big grand, churches, cathedrals and monuments and everything else back in those days. It's really fascinating. How industrious people were back then without any of the advances. We have today and yet they were able to. To build a beautiful beautiful beautiful huge building. If you've got some time on your hands. Check it out. I think you'd be blown away the process of how they built that cathedral is absolutely fascinating. Eight five five six four to fifty six hundred eight five five six four to fifty six hundred. I am Joe Walsh. Don't you dare go anywhere? I.

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