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Picture online yes he did and now this is a on his instagram a crowd a county posted couple of guns he put scott i am older air all kinds of stuff but more importantly i he did this putting the name of his former high school harvard wesseling on one a on on this post where he says when you're a victim a bully victim in a coward your options are suicide a revenge and nasa's making it seem like it's revenge uh a westlake earlier this morning was a basically evacuate aiden him because of this day reid just said like when the a story originally it was just by a former student need realize hits an nfl guy founder no we're not their time to be fucking around 100 in ganja rule and anger to take the ridiculous i didn't know were added no this guy went to her westlake date is like the cream of the crop her eits very exclusive highschool nogo martin star trek are tissue campbell martin wants her husband perry in their divorce right cheek of course and that was in tv show barton but cheated mary ed that to them that moore now this was dwayne martin they separated in 2016 after twenty years of marriage they got two jurists together i she's seek spouses port and is split this survey fish physical and legal custody of the the two jairus byrd and finally your lisa marie use x is the same mode though this whole thing about her being deeply in debt as bullshit right she can pay the lawyers that's according to this guy they're michael lockwood and now he's he he wants lisa marie to pay up she says she sixteen million dollars in federal today she sued i think her manager or somebody that was handling her money claiming that she had sex solely huge chunk of her interest in the obvious presently enterprise and that he had taken the money without her knowing had taken the money in an investor in another company which went belly up in less than a year so is all gone i mean millions and millions of dollars i think she saying it's like 23 million right and if that guy did that the good luck her ever recouping that money right easy cheian gazyeta again hill play more news for guys are common of course.

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