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Before we get into this week's discussion of the debate. We want to clarify one thing from last week's episode we realized as we you're talking about. The version of the episode on netflix is missing about eight minutes of content but it's also missing on itunes and some other digital distribution platforms so after we wrapped wrapped up with lawrence last week. We actually talked about it a little more. Here's a little bit of that. We'll so here is the likely source they might have had to do this. Cutting thing for syndication because this show did go into syndication in different places <hes> yes it didn't go into syndication in a big way but it went into syndication enough that somebody had to cut that for syndication and then probably it's that same department for bravo right and possibly free you know european and others and so then it's from that source that they are in effect syndicating it again to netflix and this would be the only episode that suffered because all the rest of them mar. You know the regular length right. I think you're i think you're absolutely right that must be it so let's <hes> mount the complaint to warner brothers and tell them they've got to create a digital version for history and preferably the one with my mother if they could just just just use the east coast we should probably guide the more likely toward warner brothers 'cause when you think about it why the hell would net flicks bother exactly yeah no they. They don't make those kinds of decisions so that could be the solution to to the mystery and hopefully we can find a way to get warner brothers to get the d._v._d. Version to digital platforms instead of the syndicated version we should have made that clear in the last episode our policies and our apologies to net flicks for any angry tweets. They might have gotten undeservedly. This is our second of two episodes covering the debate now for this week. Our coverage today is going to be about what was discussed by the two candidates in the episode and to help us along with that. We have two very special guests who have a lot of history working on debates themselves. We have returned to the podcast ronald papas murph clain. You already know him well. He was chief of staff to vice president joe biden. He was chief of staff half to vice president al gore. He has a long storied career that also includes preparing every single democratic presidential candidate since one thousand nine hundred two do we also are joined by beth myers. Beth was a senior adviser on mitt romney's two thousand twelve campaign for president and she was a campaign manager on his two thousand eight presidential race and before that she was chief of staff for all four years of the romney governorship in massachusetts beth. Thank you so much for joining us. You are not a super familiar west wing watcher as you told us because you had kids at the time and this was not something you are attuned to and there was no tibo so you had to watch it live or you're stuck dark ages the dark ages so this is your first time watching this episode. Actually you know i think i might have watched that episode in doing debate prep because it looked familiar when i was watching it no kidding yeah and run. Have you seen the episode before yes. I saw it before and i you know i've watched it for the year's time. Have you ever watched both the west coast and the east coast live versions to see the differences between the two. Oh very cool. Do you have a preference. We know that the one we've all watched the west coast. Is there a qualitative difference. We know there's the big debate about casta in one of the two and it really doesn't appear in the other one of the two so you get like a whole extra issue in one of the two episodes well. One thing that we've discovered is that the version on netflix version in itunes and really any kind of post syndication airing of the west wing is missing several minutes of the episode. The original episode aired for fifty two minutes the version that lived on afterwards outside of the d._v._d. Version is only forty four minutes so the bunch of stuff has actually got cut for a lot of people. I myself have never seen the full length version of the debate but we're going to muddle through it with what information we do have the forty four minutes that we've got first of all. What did you think about just the optics of.

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