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So thirty years in intelligence to the extent, you're comfortable, then we're friends I would never have won a push further than you. You wanna go? I want you to describe what it is for thirty years. You've done where you've done it. And it's it's like games bond to me when I talked to you, you only downside to talking to you is and everyone in both staffs, TV radio agree. You scared. The living crap out of everybody in terms of backbone your have is a microphone. They're listening in China. Putin is listening right now to your phone. It cracks me up. Sean, what would always gave me, and I think. My colleagues this. Well, the most satisfaction was collecting intelligence on threats overseas threats, and then doing all we could to eliminate them. So they're not visited on our shores. And when I served in the Middle East, I served in Iraq years back during the surge, and we were running sources inside Al Qaeda, and we were obtaining intelligence from those sources on threats to the US military with the surge we're over one hundred thousand US troops, and the most important thing we did we did a lot that year. We collected a lot of intelligence we stole a lot of secrets, but the most important arguably the most important thing, we would do was collect intelligence on threats to the US military, and there were countless times when we would collect intelligence from a source in Al Qaeda terrorists about an IEP located someplace or threat to US military within minutes, we've told the brigade commander who on the troops in a different direction that among lots of things certainly gave me a lot of a lot of satisfaction. If I like had another opportunity at another job in life. I've always wanted to be a country music star. God showed me there's no chance of that ever happening because I can't say so my next option. I would be doing the types of things you've told me can you describe which I find fascinating and also very dangerous. But so important our safety. Dan Hoffman is with us. We're in Vietnam interview with the president nine eastern in full tonight. The only interview he gave after the summit that and much more one thing keeping me awake. By the way is thank God. Linda, I serious thanking you brought with her black rifle coffee because how many cups have I had each day during the show actually never seen. He drinks so much coffee. The problem is that I'd like it so much is delicious. No, it is the single best coffee. I've ever had. I like the very strong, very bold coffee. A black rifle I do I drink a black. What are you can put a lots of sugar sweetener and lots of meal by itself? I like a little cream. Now, this is what I love about. This company was created by veterans while they were abroad serving their country, and they just they'd order.

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