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Courage. Glenn beck. Nancy pelosi. Nancy pelosi. She cares about you kids. She does she's from California. She's doing everything she cannot make sure she's reelected in January tour. Spot has house speaker. Now reasons Nancy Pelosi could give because she's led the democratic caucus for sixteen years and under her, you know, the house did shift hands. In fact, it was speaker Pelosi that was under President, George W Bush and Barack Obama no reasons he actually gave. Well, she's a woman and really what more do you need to say really during an interview on CBS Sunday Pelosi said, you can't have the four leaders of congress and the president of the United States these five people and not have the voice of a woman. Why not? I mean, I thought women were no different over all. They are. I forgot especially she went on to say when women are the majority of the voters the workers in the campaigns. And now this glorious victory. Thank you comrade. It's the pink wave. They're calling that now the pink wave a rise in women politicians supposedly in reaction to Donald Trump. Now, here's the general argument has described by politico, quote, push her out and men may take over the party at a time. When more than one hundred women are heading to Capitol Hill and after female voters have been thoroughly alienated by President Donald Trump embrace her and she'll prioritize legislation empowering women on issues ranging from equal pay to anti harassment legislation. Now, of course, she has reason to use identity politics instead of merit. You know, because there's an effort to to unseat her because a lot of Democrats don't like the things that she's claiming our victories at least nine representatives have come forward and said that Pelosi we'll be out filming velvet-velvet said I'm one hundred percent confident we can forge new leadership and this led by Representative Ed Pearl mutter from Colorado. These are the representatives have openly called for Pelosi's outing Bill foster Seth Moulton from Illinois the democrat from Massachusetts woman while she's a sell out tour gender. Kathleen rice, Tim Ryan from Ohio, Kurt trader from Oregon, Connor lamb from Pennsylvania and also from Texas campaign staff for incoming representatives of Abigail span burger from Virginia Jason Crowe from Colorado. Have also said they're not going to be voting for Pelosi. If they have a single ounce of dignity left. They won't. And it won't be because she's a woman. It's Wednesday November fourteenth. You're listening to the Glenn Beck program. So my staff of millennials are talking about adulting. I don't even know what adulting is and a quarter life crisis is quarter life crisis. Well, we're about to find out a JP poke Luda is a is a an author of a book called welcome to adulting. And it is it is taking millennials by storm. Welcome JP. How are you? Doing so great. Thanks for having me on Glenn cliche to you bet. Okay. So so JP adulting. What exactly is adult thing? Well, it is the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of a mundane. But necessary task if that sounds like I read that from the dictionary. It's because I did it's a it's a new word. We just put that in the dictionary last year. And so it is official. So this is something that we used to just do naturally when you were eighteen you were at least in my house, how you're kind of expected to go out and earn your own way. And you know, you're an adult now get out. And now we now what what why the breakdown of this thing that has always been natural. Well, I don't know that it's always been natural. I mean, I think I think hindsight is always twenty twenty when we look back on our own development, and how we've grown up, and I know what they're saying about millennials and young adults today the delayed adolescence, they're lazy narcissist. And I don't think entirely true at all. Yeah. Entitled and all of those things. And and I appreciate you know, it sounds like we may have a shared perspective on that. Because I, you know, I it seems like we've all we all need help growing up and exist in different times and whatnot. And I when I look at the future. I'm I'm hopeful. I I think these guys they need leaders they need people to inspire them. But I think they're they they wanna do something great. They want to change the world. They want to do something bigger than themselves. And I hope this is a resource that helps them do that. Okay. So this is part of the this is part of the problem. I think with suicides that are rising in millennials. And it is. That people just aren't convinced that they can make a difference. That their life has. No. Meaning that there is no purpose to anything. And is this what the quarter life crisis is about? I think that's absolutely right Glenn. I think people are looking for purpose. I think they're looking in the wrong places. I think they have a thousand friends on social media, you know, a thousand Twitter followers, you know, whatever. And but no real relationships. No depth and no meaningful conversations. They're not looking for hope in the right places. And so they despair, you know, they they want to be the number one and number two goals of millennials are to be rich and to be famous, and and when they they hit the the wall of pursuing riches, and pursuing stardom they're left despairing, and they're looking for more. I will tell you that. Wealth and fame are gigantic imposters, and what really led me to my awakening in my thirties. Was I you know, I had accomplished a little bit of both and realized that's completely empty and then had no idea where to go. And where to find it Brad Pitt says the same thing Tom Brady says the same thing Jim Carey says the same thing Russell brand just came out. With a statement saying the same thing, you know, they say, my friend Todd says, the the rich are infinitely better off than the poor. Because while the poor think a riches will bring happiness the wealthy. No better. And I think that's a true statement the same is with famous these millennials young adults and whatnot. They they want to do something bigger than themselves. They just don't know how. And so there's this cry of their heart. The scripture says that God has set attorney in our hearts, I think they're trying to feel that eternal void with all the things of this world, and they're just coming up empty, and so I think the generation your listeners the generation that has gone before them needs to be patient and take time sit down with them continue to tell the war stories of old tell us about the times. You know, of of you growing up the hardships that you face try to do so without judgment and asked lots of questions seek to understand become a student of your your children and grandchildren. Know that they they really there is a desire in them and may be hidden behind some some pride. But there is a desire in them to learn from you, I will tell you that. I don't think there was this spread of misunderstanding between generations. When I was a kid, maybe between my grandparents and and me because they grew up in the great, depression, but not my parents. And and me I mean there was misunderstanding. But things in the world. Have changed so much that when you talk to millennials now, and I'm fifty four you talk to millennials, and it is a different world. They see the world differently. They speak a different language, they understand technology and the world as it's going to be much better. And you know, I think they have a reason to be a little concerned if they don't have somebody in their life. That's an older generation going. It's okay. It's okay. It's it's really exciting. What you guys are facing is really exciting. And you're going to be able to change the world if you keep your head on your shoulders. Yeah. I think you're right. You have to have someone to talk to. I also think you're pointing to the right challenges with the information age, the boom of technology, you know, carrying a mega computer in our pockets, everywhere, we go that does change a person. And so it's interesting what you say about the gap between you and your parents being a smaller. I think that that's probably I I would share your perspective and at the same time, I think that we all go through something I like to call kind of the the younger brother older brother syndrome, which comes I picked it up from the biblical story of the prodigal son where I think we're all kind of the older amid the younger brother at some point. And someone is patient with us, and you know, embraces us and extends grace to us. And then, you know, we're we're with the father and all is right. And we grow up, and we overnight become the older, brother. And then we. Look back with judgment, and we don't want to be patient with anyone else. And so I I try to you know, when I sit with someone who's young and naive and just like, I was and I'm sure am in ways. I can't see right now. Just to be patient with them. Seek to understand the world where they're coming from. What is their worldview, and and point them the truth? So you're you're working now at waterfront or a watermark church, which is a great great organization here in in Dallas, Texas. I don't even know how what's the youth population? There. I don't know the, you know, you so I spend all my time with young adult. So you're twenty to thirty five is the porch. I say all my time. I teach on the weekends as well. Right services. I share that. With todd. Our senior pastor. But we have at the porch on a Tuesday night. We have about four thousand young adults here in Dallas amazing. And then and then we have another ten campuses around the country, and then another fifty thousand or so streaming online. And so it's it's become God's grace, the largest young adult gathering in the in the country. So what is the number one thing that they are they are concerned about and and how can people were listening help them? Yeah. What you're saying that I think well dating great at that point in your life. You graduated college. And you're you're trying to figure out how you can convince someone of the opposite sex to spend the rest of their life with you anxiety is a huge felt need right now as you talk about just growing suicide rates and depression rates. I think you have a generation despairing out of control. And so that's a huge fell need. But the biggest one you also touched on keenly is just searching for purpose. I think they're trying to figure out. Hey, you know, is is there a God first of all? And if there is what is his desire for me. And how do I find my purpose in this world? And so that is I don't know that that's the felt need. I think the felt need can be more of the the dating innings -iety. But the real need the underlying need is is, hey, what were you created for? And that's where I think this this book had the chapter two is all about purpose and finding your identity. I will tell you. The name of the book is welcome to adulting by the way, and I'll tell you JP that if it, you know, I searched for answers for a long time. And in my thirties, I had a complete crash, and I lost absolutely everything. And it was only then that I was willing to look at the real answer which is God. And you know, he had been just as distant kind of thing that I believed in, but he wasn't really a real relationship etcetera etcetera. And I. It's not something that is being encouraged at all in a large portion of our society now, and and you know, churches seem so out of touch to so many millennials. I mean, it's different here in the south. But team completely distant in. God is kind of this distant idea. And I we were just listening Somalia from from the wildfires in California. I don't think I've heard so many Californians talk about God effort, you know, when you're when you really stripped down. That's when you start to find answers. That's when you, you know, in the midst of human suffering. That's where you find him. And they say there's no atheists in the FOX hole, and I we've seen that. We almost saw great awakening happened with when nine eleven occurred whenever there's whenever tragic hit. So we we turn to the creator. I've seen the same thing in Haiti when the earthquake hitting twenty ten. Yeah. The whole. Country coming around saying okay now turning from satanism to. Okay, we think there's a creator God. And that's that's similar to my store. Glenn? I mean sixteen years ago, I was at a bar on a Saturday night and was kind of everything wrong with Dallas. And a person was pretentious. I want to be a millionaire before I was thirty. Yeah. The Jaguar in the penthouse condo. And and was a girlfriend and another, you know, several girls and all of that just in one person, and I was at a bar and someone invited me to church, and I came to watermark. And I sat in the back row when I was hung over. I smell like smoke from the night before the club, and I was addicted to sex addicted to porn, and I just begin to wrestle with who who is God. And and really seeking that out. I looked at all the world religions because I thought what are the odds that'd be born to the right country. You know, if I was born in China, I'd be Buddhist or India. It'd be Hindu and Iran. I might be Muslim started studying started from scratch that grew up in the church. I was just like really had a biased against Christianity. And as I continue to explore that I was overwhelmed by the evidence that pointed me to Jesus Christ..

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